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No a real cow has not jumped over the moon

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Q: Did a cow ever jump over the moon?
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Did cow could jump over the moon?

No a cow can not literally jump over the moon. it was hard enough for humans to get to the moon with a rocket.

How did the cow jump over the moon?

With a trampoleen!

Why did cow jump over the moon?

According to one theory, the rhyme is a lesson in astronomy, Hey diddle diddle, the Cat (Leo - the Lion) and the Fiddle (Lyra - the Lyre), the Cow (Taurus - the Bull) jumped over the Moon (the Moon); the Little Dog (Canis Minor - the Lesser Dog) laughed to see such sport, and the Dish (Crater - a dish shaped constellation) ran after the Spoon (Ursa Major - the Big Dipper).

How was the cow able to jump over the moon?

It is only a nursery rhyme, a cow didn't really jump over a moon. It is just a made-up poem. :-)

Is it logically impossible for a cow to jump over the moon?

If you are referring to the real moon in the sky other than it's reflection or a toy, then yes, it is impossible for a cow to jump over the moon

What was the cat playing when he saw the cow jump over the moon?


Can a cow jump over the moon?

Yes, the cat with the fiddle told me he could.

What is a good cow joke?

Why did the cow jump over the moon? Because I told it to, and by the way, it couldn't even reach the moon. --- Why did the dairy cow jump over the Moon? The farmer had cold hands. --- What did the cow manure farmer name his daughter? Patty. --- Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don't work. __ Knock knock? Who's There? Interrupting cow! Interrup.... MOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Can cow jump over another cow?


How can you make a sentence with the word saw?

I used a saw to cut the wood or, I saw a cow jump over the moon

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