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No, just like all Americans did not support President George W. Bush, or support President Barack Obama, or support Donald J. Trump.

Every child doesn't agree with every decision by his/her parents. A ruler NEVER has complete loyalty and agreement from all of his/her people.

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Why did Germans at first support Hitler?

cuz he wheeled

What circumstances at this time would eventually lead many Germans to support Adolf Hitler?

What circumstances at this time would evevntually lead many Germans to support adolf Hitler?

Did all Germans support the Nazis?

No, the Jewish Germans were descriminated against. Although Hitler was able to win a majority of the German populations support through various techniques of propaganda, he apposed the Jew and therefore not all Germans supports his Nazi organisation.

What was the greatest tool that Hitler used to get Germans to support him?


Did all Germans agree with Hitler and the Nazi party?

No. There were resistance movements.

Why does Hitler only like Germans?

Because Hitler believed Germans was a super-race and all other races were inferior to Germans.

What happened to the Germans who refused to join Hitler?

Most of the Germans who openly refused to join or support Hitler were executed. Many who disagreed with his policies did not speak out for this reason.

Why did most Germans support Adolf Hitler?

Well I think because a lot ofGermansthoughtthat Hitler was an amazing leader,

Why did many Germans pledged their support to Hitler and the nazi party?

Most Germans supported Hitler and the Nazis because, Hitler told them what they wanted and he gave them what they wanted. For some who wasn;t sure they were effected by propaganda then they supported Hitler.

What did Hitler have to do before he became a president?

He had to kill Jews to gain support of the Germans.

Did the Germans fight in World War 2?

All of it. The germans started it with Hitler.

Why did many Germans support Hitler and nazism in the early 1930's?

Many Germans supported Hitler because he gave them someone to blame for the economic crisis at the time.

Where all Germans Nazi's?

No not all German's were Nazi's because some germans didn't agree with Hitler.

Hitler was admired by all Germans?

No, most of the Germans hated Hitler and wanted to kill him but there were some people that really liked him and the were the Nazi's because Hitler made them stick up for him

What did adolf Hitler refer Germans as in his book?

The Aryan Race, except not all Germans were considered this.

Did germans agree with what hitler and the nazis were doing?

They were ALL GERMANS and they had elected him to office. He wasn't an outsider.

Why didn't Hitler kill the Germans?

because he was aiming for the arayan race , the Germans were part of this. Arayns were blonde haired blue eyed tall and strong. if Hitler killed the Germans he would loose his popularity and support and would probably been murdered.

Germans are superoir to all other Europeansis this Hitler or Mussolini or Tojo?

Hitler was the one who believed this.

Did all Germans agree with Hitler and the Nazi beliefs?

No. There were Jewish people who were Germans. Therefore I would say no.

How many Germans supported Hitler?

a lot of Germans supported Hitler, about 3 million people supported Hitler

Did all of Germany support the Nazis?

No. Some Germans were against the Nazis beliefs, such as sending their kids off to join the Hitler Youth, but had little power to change it.

Was Hitler admired and respected by all of the German People?

No, not by all Germans - certainly not by the Left, for example. There were even attempts - by Germans - to kill him.

Why did Hitler not want Jews to marry Germans?

Hitler considered the Germans a master race, superior to all others on earth. He forbid Jews from marrying Germans because he wanted to keep the "master race" pure.

Did Hitler tell the Germans what they wanted to believe?

yes, and they were all lies.

Why did people support Adolf Hitler?

Some Germans supported Hitler because they thought his ways were good. But notice how I said "some". There was The German Resistance who tried 42 times to kill Hitler.