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No - Australians have only had women in combat for the last 5 to 10 years.

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Can women be in the Australian Army?

Yes, women can be in the Australian Army, but they cannot be in direct combat roles. 10.6 % of the positions are occupied by women.

Did women do combat in World War II?

In many countries, women were not allowed in combat. But there were cases of women fighting, generally because it was necessary for survival. There were women in the French Resistance. There were women fighting in the Russian Air Force.

What were women not allowed to do in World War 2?

Except in the Soviet Union women were not used in combat.

What women can not do?

Many countries did not allow women to fight in combat during World War II.

Do women in war fly helicopters in combat?

There are several military forces around the world which have had female combat pilots.

Were there women soldiers in World War II?

in the service but not in combat units

Can girls join the Australian army?

Yes. A new law has passed which will allow women into combat role (something which was banned before)

What jobs can a woman get in the Australian Army?

Women can do all jobs in the Australian army that aren't combat roles. This excludes the royal infantry corps, the royal armoured corps and the royal engineering corps. This means jobs such as rifleman, combat engineer and battle tank crewman women cannot do. All other jobs and corps are available

How many Australian women in world war 1?


How did women get in World War 2?

Women entered World War II in non-combat roles. They were clerks, nurses, mechanics, and secretaries.

Was world war ll the first war that allowed women in combat?


When did women start serving in combat positions?

Women, according to the Aspin Rules, are exempt from assignment to Direct Ground Combat units. This means that females cannot be assigned below brigade level to Combat Arms units (Infantry, Armor, Artillery).Pilots, however, can be female since they are not expected to participate in ground combat.This rule still exists, however, due to the nature of modern warfare, women in combat support and combat service support units are frequently encountered with situations in which mission accomplishment requires them to engage in ground combat.The women in the United States military are great assets to our combat effectiveness and have proven time and again that they are valuable members of the team, even if they don't serve in combat positions.

Why can't a woman be a Navy Seal?

The reason that women cannot enter the SEAL program is that women are currently prohibited by law to engage in direct combat as part of ground forces. However, that requirement does not prohibit women from EOD Team duty.

Which nation had the highest ratio of women in combat during World War 2?


Why did the government refuse to allow women to fly in combat in World War 2?


How long have women been serving in combat situations?

since world war ll

How did women's roles in World War 1 effect Australian society?

Australian women became more independent due to the responsibilities the women had to face when the men went to war.

How were Australian women affected by World War 1?

Australian women were effected greatly because their husbands brothers and friends were getting killed at war and here was nothing they could do about it.

Did the Australian women in World War 2 work with only women or did they work with men as well and were they supervised by men or women?

Gustave Courbet

When were women conscripted in World War 2?

The United Kingdom conscripted women in 1942. Other countries such as the Soviet Union allowed women in combat but did not conscript them.

Who were the Australian women liberationists after World War 2?

Were a second wave of feminist activism

Who was an American woman soldier who died in world war 2?

As far as I know there weren't any. The Russians had women in combat roles, but I do not think the US did. Sorry, there were women in the US military, but not in combat roles is what I was trying to say....

Are there women in army combat?

With the large amount of women in the modern army, women inevitably find themselves in combat situations. Women are not intentionally put into combat situations. Women are not allowed into the fire and maneuver branches of armor and infantry. These are the two army branches that go out looking to get into close combat with the enemy. Everyone else, and subsequently the women, avoid direct enemy contact.

How did Russian women participate in World War 2?

They flew airplanes, became snipers, and served in combat.

During World War 2 the army enlisted women for the first time although they were barred from?