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Did any animals die from the bubonic plague?

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Rats and huemans

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What episode did tony almost die from bubonic plague?

SWAK, and its Pneumonic Plague, not Bubonic.

Where did most people die from the bubonic plague?

Most people died from the bubonic plague in Europe.

How does bubonic plague hurt you?

You die.

Why did William Gilbert die?

He died from the bubonic plague!

What are the similarities between bubonic plague and pneumonic plague?

The bubonic plague and the pneumonic plague are caused by the same microorganism. They are different in the way they are contracted. The pneumonic plague is contracted from another person who has pneumonic plague. Pneumonic plague basically affects the lungs. The bubonic plague affects the lymph system. The lymph nodes become swollen and black because they die. The bubonic plague is contracted by fleas that carried the microorganism in their saliva when they bite.

What is the English word 'plague' in German?

Die Pest as 'bubonic plague', Die Plage as 'plaque' or 'bother', or Die Seuche as 'epidemic' may be German equivalents of 'plague'.

How many people die from plague yearly worldwide?

Approximately 2000 people die from a the plague on a yearly basis worldwide. The last big plague was the bubonic plague.

Where is the bubonic plague still a problem today?

Bubonic plague still exists and a few peoplestill die as a result, however whenever it is spotter it is quickly brought under control.

How did people die from the bubonic plague?

The plague killed millions of people. It mainly affected Europe, it was a horrendous disease.

Why is the bubonic plague known as the black death?

They called it the Black Death because it sometimes turned your nose, fingers and toes black. Then they would mostly die. The bubonic plague was called the Black Death because of this.

Do people still die of the black plague?

No, we now know the bubonic plague was caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis that we have antibiotics to treat.

What happens if you become infected by the bubonic plague?

You will get black sores and they will pop and you would eventually die.

Which is worse the plague or bubonic plague?

Today, when people say the plague as in a disease, they generally mean the bubonic plague. However, there are three types of plague: - bubonic - the kind with the swollen lymph nodes called buboes, that's where the name comes from - pneumonic - this is transmitted by coughing and people usually die within 2 days of showing symptoms - septicemic, which is in your blood and causes tissue to die. Pneumonic is far more contageous and kills quicker than the other two, so that's arguably the worst. If you mean the Plague as in the big pandemic that wiped out 1/3 of Europe in the 1350s, it was a mixture of bubonic and pneumonic.

What does bubonic plague get its name from?

This may help but it is also called the black death and why it was called this was people would get big black boil like things on them and then die. Also ring around the rosey was made about the bubonic plague

How did the Bubonic plague kill people?

During Shakespeare's time a lot of people were struck by the unfortunate disease. It basically makes them sick and they die of the plague.

How to recover from bubonic plague?

Take some antibiotics unless you want to die. Then, live life to the fullest. =)

How does the bubonic plague effect your life?

it is caused by the bacteria Yersina Pestis. Once you have bubonic plague, if you let it go on for too long, you can lose limbs, die, or get the pneumonia plague. You need to take anitibiotics such as Naproxen and if traveling, get a vaccine before you enter a place that has been know for the bubonic plague. It cuts off cellular communication and causes your skin to turn black. That is why it is know as the "Black Death." If is spread by the oriental rat flea.

What people were most likely to die from the Bubonic Plague?

it didnt matter what type of person got it it effected everyone

Will a bubonic plague victim definitely die?

Not definitely, but there is a good chance without medical help that the victim will more than likely die.

Did animals die during the black plague?

Many animals died during the black plague. The plague itself was caused by infected cows. Cows, pigs, and many other farm animals died because of the plague.

What was the song the black plague written for?

the black plague (bubonic plague) song was also known as the " ring around the rosie' song. during the 1340's children would sing this song to show that person had the plague, and was going to die...

How does the bubonic plague affects your body?

in fact the plague does kill you but the symptoms are bulges on the neck and body in fact why they call it black death is the bulges turn black and burst that's why you die

What did the compagnia della misericordia do during the bubonic plague?

In Venice they moved all the sick people to an island and allowed them to die. Over 5,000 a day died in Venice at the height of the plague.

How does Bubonic Plague affect the body?

in fact the plague does kill you but the symptoms are bulges on the neck and body in fact why they call it black death is the bulges turn black and burst that's why you die

How do the rodents get th bubonic plague?

It started with a bacteria. This bacteria got into parasites, which got into rats and other small mammals. The reason rats were the main cause for the plague is because back then, people were used to having rats in their houses. and it was difficult to rid of them. Bacteria > Parasite > Animal > Human. It is common misconception that rats caused the plague, which they did not, many other animals carried the flea, but weren't around any humans to spread it. It is also a misconception that rats did not die from the plague, which they did.