Did any famous people go to school?

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2009-02-22 03:48:36

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yes EVERY famous person went to school i think

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2009-02-22 03:48:36
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Q: Did any famous people go to school?
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Does willow smith go to a school for famous people or does she go to a normal school?

no she ushelly doent go to school

What famous people go on Fantage?

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Did any famous people go to university of Miami?


Where do famous kids go to school?

Famous people usually have private teachers because if they go to a public school, they could be distracting and would never be left alone.

Do children in Ecuador go to school?

every where people go to school even in Ecuador. (just in some places people cant affod to go to school) obviously there will be people who don't go to school in Ecuador as there are any where

Do any famous people go on runescape?

If you mean Famous people as in they are known then yes. As in people know them from the High-scores.

Did any famous people go to duke?

Mike Posner did.

Did Any Famous People Go To Yale University?


How do you make your name famous in school?

you go to another school and say you famous name go to st joseph school

Is there any famous person who did not go to school?

Abraham Lincoln had very little schooling. Charles Dickens dropped out of elementary school. Check out this article for a list of other famous people with little schooling:

Did any famous people go to Ohio St University?

yes a lot of people did

What is Harry Styles school name?

some people are saying they don't go to school because they are apparently too famous

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