Did any good come out of apartheid in South Africa?


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no, not at all. instead apartheid has made the world an even ugylier place to visit due to apartheid. black people have never hated the white people like ever before.

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South Africa overcame apartheid in a good way. After apartheid got freedom and democracy

Nelson Mandela did so much good for the world and mostly South Africa,he ended apartheid in South Africa so every single person could be treated equally ,so everyonee doesn't matter what color your skin is that everyone living in South Africa got the same rights.Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison just to change South Africa.

Nelson Mandela fought to end apartheid and was imprisoned for 27 years because of his activism against the regime in South Africa.

No - the Cape of Good Hope is found in the western side of South Africa.

The education in South Africa has proved to be good and comprehensive. Most people actually end up in South Africa to get more education in various fields.

South Africa is indeed a good place. Everything is good there. I had a project and it was about where I would put an NFL team around Africa and I chose South Africa. It is a good place because it has a lot of resources, climate is good, vegetation is good, and the population is also good. The grasslands, such as rivers and borders are also good. EVERYTHING is good. Of course its not perfect. But he best part about this place is that there is no war going on and that is the main reason I had chosen South Africa for my project.

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It is in Africa, in South Africa (the country)

The poem was written my Oswald Mtshali during the time of Apartheid in South Africa. It's showing that, despite what kind of person you are and the clothes you wear, if you were a black man in South Africa at that time - you were always looked at as up to no good (by non black people). You were always a suspect

The black were treated quite badly in the Apartheid. White south Africans were treated better but still not good. Regards, Charlie Nash, Head of Religious Studies, South Chester Manor School

The Cape of Good Hope is on the continent of Africa, specifically it is in South Africa.

the cape of good hope is located in south Africa.

its on the continent of Africa, Specifically is in South Africa

It was a really good place if you were white. It was generally a very bad place if you weren't. A set of laws called Apartheid gave all the rights to whites only.

Cape of good hope in South Africa.

no they do not but good obsevation

The Cape of good Hope is not in South America, it is in South Africa.

I think it must be the good and the bad about south Africa which they consist of poverty and crime other's like fredom and justice

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The Cape of Good Hope is located in South Africa on the Atlantic Coast, and is on the southern coastline of Africa.

when nelson madela was a president foutht against apartheid in south africa.nelson mandela is a hero

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Apartheid was bad because it violated human rights. That is why it was done away with.

Yes, it has brought South Africa a lot of revenue and foreign investors from all over the world. It has also put South Africa on the map in terms of a holiday destination.

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