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Q: Did any members of the byrds go to rehab?
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Did any members of Three Days Grace go to jail?

No, none of the members of Three Days grace went to jail. However, Adam Gontier did go to rehab in 2005 for drugs (specifically pain killers).

Did marshall mathers go to rehab?

Marshall did go to rehab.

Where did Keith Richards go to rehab?

to a rehab center.

Where did Johnny Depp go to rehab?

He never went rehab.

Why doesn't Demi Lovato go on Disney channel any more?

because she is in rehab

What did mike teutul go to rehab for?

He went to rehab for alcohol addiction.

Does an alcoholic need to voluntarily go to rehab?

No. Under certain conditions, alcoholics can be required to go into rehab. However, if the rehab uses the 12 steps of AA, no state in the U.S. or any of its agencies or employees (including judges) can legally force anyone into it. Save

What day did Demi Lovato go to rehab?

She went into Rehab on November 1st. She is still in rehab and will be out on Thanks Giving

Did Ashley Olsen have to go to rehab?

no,only Mary kate went to rehab

Did Michael Jackson go to rehab?

He went to rehab in the early 90's.

Did Taylor Swift go to rehab?


How do you go to rehab?

By doing drugs

Did Miley Cyrus have to go to rehab?


Did Troy Polamalu go to rehab?

No, he did not.

Did Tiger Woods go to rehab?

yes tiger woods went to sex rehab

What year did Adam Gontier go to rehab?

Adam Gontier went into rehab in 2005.

How many times did Drew Barrymore go to rehab?

Drew went to Rehab twice:-)

Can you use a fake identity to go to a rehab clinic?

Yes you can. You will have to give the people running the rehab center your real information but you can go by another identity to the other people in the rehab center.

Is there a website that reviews rehab centers?

You should go to There you will be able to see reviews for rehab centers from previous patients.

What year did eminem go to rehab?

He went into Rehab in the year 2005 and came out in April, 2008.

Did demi lovato go to rehab for cutting her wrists?

Yes she went to rehab for that and a eating disorder that she had

Did Dakota Fanning go to rehab?

She absolutely did NOT go to Rehab. It was a hysterical joke from Kathy Griffin. Griffin was trying to pick the celebrity who was the least likely to go to rehab to start a rumor about and spread amongst other celebrities.

How does inmate go about getting married in Georgia?

Get out of jail. Rehab yourself. Get a good job. Find a nice person if any will have you and go to the courthouse.

How come no members can go in fire dojo?

Members can go in the Dojo. But I really don't understand your question. only non members can't go in any dojo's

Which rehab did James Hetfield go to?