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Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

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Q: Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?
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Is it possible that you can be pregnant in your tubes when your period last more than usual?


Im having surgery to remove scar tissue around your tubal ligation people are telling you you could get pregnant after the surgeryIs this true?

Only if your surgeon is attempting to reopen the tubes. If he is only removing adhesions (scars) from the outside of the tubes, then you are no more likely to get pregnant than you are now.

If I dont have f. tubes is there a way to still have kids?

I think you can have chance of becoming pregnant after having fallopian tube sterilization and you can get more and more information at

I had my tubes tied over 2 years ago I just recently found out that i was having a miscarriage What happened to have a miscarriage or get pregnant while your tubes are tied?

some people when they have their tubes tied are left with little tears which can allow sperm through. is more common if youd had a c-section in the past.

When you get tubes in your ear does it hurt?

No it doesn't. The only negative side to having tubes in your ears is that you have to be more careful in/around water (going into a pool, taking a bath or shower, etc.). There is no pain associated with having tubes.

How can i get pregnant after i got my tubes tied?

By the grace of god...why did you get your tubes tied if you wanted (more) children? I'm a med student and I know for a fact that even if you have a tubal reversal, chances are you still won't get pregnant.

Is there more ways to get pregnant than having sex'?

You can get pregnant by Atificial Insemination without ever having sex.

If you have had pid will it make you infertile?

PID will not necessarily cause infertility problems but every bout of PID increases the chance of infertility. The more times you have PID, the more likely it is that you won't be able to have children. When you have PID, bacteria infect the tubes or cause inflammation of the tubes. This turns normal tissue into scar tissue, which can block your tubes and make it harder to get pregnant. Even having just a little scar tissue can keep you from getting pregnant. You can find more information about this topic at

What other alternative can you do to get pregnant after having your tubes tied without having surgery?

Your options are extremely limited. Really you only have two effective options. 1. Restorative surgery on your tubes which runs around $7000 or more and is not covered by many insurances.It is not guaranteed to work. 2. IVF or in vitro fertilization which runs around $8000 or more, is not covered by many insurances,and also is not guaranteed to work.

Could you be pregnant again if you had your tubes tied in 2002 and 3 months later you were pregnant and you had your baby c section and they said they cut off a little more of your tubes?

Hello. The chances of pregnancy would be low but yes because of your past history you could become pregnant again.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while your tubes are tied?

It is possible, and probably more common than people realise.

Tubes tied and burnt for 22 years missed period age 50 am i pregnant?

Menopause more likely.

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