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Depo Provera lists headache as a potential side effect.

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What is Chronic headaches?

Chronic Headaches are headaches that keep coming back day after day.

Can you get pregnant while on the depo and not getting your period?

Pregnancy on Depo Provera is not likely, but you can get pregnant before you have a period after stopping Depo Provera. Most accidental pregnancies with Depo happen because the patient is late for her next injection, so be sure to keep on schedule and to have a backup method and emergency contraception on hand.

Depo-Provera how can you get rid of the weight gain while on it?

Weight gain on Depo is mostly water retension, NOT fat, so the best way I found was to drinks lots of water to flush my system. I also exercised a lot which helped keep everything balanced, anything that makes you sweat.

What if you keep starting and stopping Depo-Provera?

You risk pregnancy if you don't use Depo Provera as directed. There are no other special risks from starting and stopping Depo Provera.

Can miscarriages cause severe headaches and migraines?

I don't know if they cause the headaches/migrains. all i do know is that i had a miscarriage last year and since then i keep getting bad headaches/migrains.

How is sodium used?

it cures headaches keep crops preserved used to make salt

How do you get rid of your headaches?

take a hot bath with skin so soft, and also rest and turn off the lights and keep cold sometimes being to hot gives you headaches

Do you have to keep your bandage on after your depo shot?

No, the bandage is only there to protect your clothing if you have a little bleeding after the injection. You can remove it whenever you like.

How do you keep ground hogs away from your garden?

Fill up the ground hog holes with "Groundhog away", which is located at Home Depo.

How do you keep confidentiality?

In order to keep confidentiality, you have to make sure that confidential items are not left out for anyone to see. You can also keep confidentiality by not telling anyone confidential things.

How do you keep a mango?

you keep a mango by keeping it and not eating it and not giving it to anyone.

Is it possible to have a sinus infection with horrible headaches that doesn't show up on CT scans and if so how could it be detected?

If the headaches are as horrible as you say, no. When the sinuses are infected they produce mucus which creates the pressure which creates the headaches. On xrays (or CTs) normal sinuses look dark gray or black, when there is an infection it is white. Very hard to mistake. Headaches have to be from something else. Keep looking.

What is best for multiple headaches?

I also get frequent headaches, migrains as well. I use exedrin migrain as soon as the headache or migrain starts. Seems to help me, if your migrains keep getting you down I would get to a doctor ASAP.

What happened to anyone who could not keep up with the march in the book night?

Anyone who could not keep up with the march was shot by the SS. Zalman

What can be used to keep the flies from biting your dog?

Buy some frontline plus, please, will save you and your pet from alot of headaches.

Who is Sean Faris currently dating?

While Sean Faris is often in the media he attempts to keep his personal life out of it. At this point and time if he is dating anyone their name is unknown.

I have been having nausea and headaches for two days straight and I don't know why Anyone have any suggestions of why or what I can do to help?

First off, if you are a female and are sexually active, get a pregnancy test. If this is negative, or you are a male, make sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep your electrolytes balanced. If the headaches and nausea persist I would recommend a trip to your family doctor. Alcohol could also be a culprit here, so cut back if that is an issue.

How do you keep your girlfriend a secret?

Don't hug or kiss in front of anyone and don't flirt in front of anyone.

Do I Have To Show My Business Tax Certificate?

Yes. Anyone or entity involved in business in a fixed place shall keep your certificate published inside a noticeable place upon the site where such business is carried out. Anyone involved in business, although not operating from the fixed office, shall keep your certificate released to her or him whatsoever occasions while participating in such business.

What are some ways I can prevent from getting headaches?

There are lots of ways to prevent headaches. What will work for one person will not work for another person. Try these suggestions and see what happens. First of all, headaches can be caused by food allergies. Keep a log, what you eat and when you get the headaches and see if there is any correlation. Another major cause of headaches is stress. Take inventory of things in your life that may be stressing you and evaluate each one individually. Learn relaxation techniques and use them. In the end, in order to prevent headaches, one must first know the cause. Investigate the clues, and solve the puzzle either by yourself or with medical intervention.

Why do you keep both eyes open when looking through a microscope?

It dosent matter because some people get headaches or an unclear view because they are closing one eye while looking through a small lens. It also can strain your eyes. So you could or you don't have to.

Can I have some information on depo-provera?

Depo Provera works by stopping ovulation. Each shot lasts for 12 weeks. Once you have had the shot there is no reversal procedure so you're stuck with it for 12 weeks. If you decide to come off Depo provera to start a family you should be aware that it can take several months for your periods to come back and it can take longer than that for your fertility to return. That said, it is of course possible to fall pregnant whilst on Depo Provera as it is with any contraception so if you do not want to fall pregnant you should keep up to date with your shots every 12 weeks.

Does getting your period after stopping Depo-Provera mean it is out of your system?

yes Although, just because the Depo is out of your system and you are menstruating it does not mean you are fertile. Sometimes it does, but in the case of needing ovulation to conceive your best bet is to consider yourself "able to become pregnant" when you have ovulated. Again, this isn't necessarily true for every woman because all women are different.Depo Provera is cleared from a woman's body about 6 to 8 months after her last injection.Birth control is a funny thing and every woman's body is different. Having this period might not necessarily mean the depo is out of your system. If you're trying to get pregnant, it may take some time to conceive after being on the depo but keep trying. Some women get pregnant right away after stopping the shot, others may take a while. If you're worried about having another form of birth control to prevent becoming pregnant and are trying to transition, don't take your chances by having unprotected sex as there is the possibility you might not have the depo on board anymore.

Can an employer keep your vacation pay while out on workers comp?

can an employer keep my vacation pay while out on workers comp?

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