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Q: Did auburn university ever play Colorado state university in football?
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What state is auburn university in?

Auburn University is in Alabama, in the city of Auburn.

What trophy do Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming play for in an annual college football game?

The Bronze Boot is awarded to the winner of the annual college football game between Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming.

What years has auburn university play Fresno state in football?

1996 was the only season the two schools played with Auburn winning, 62-0.

Has Colorado State University ever won a national football championship?


Where can you find past football rosters for Colorado state university?

john chambers

How many national titles does Auburn University football program have?

one. they were co-champions in 1957 with Ohio state.

What is the lowest scoring football game in auburn university history?

3-2 against Mississippi state in 2008

What are the college football teams in Alabama?

UAB auburn university university of alabama university of north alabama jacksonville state university samford university university of west alabama troy university birmingham southern college university of south alabama faulkner university huntingdon college AUM- Auburn University Montgomery (if you wanted to know)Also Virginia College

What state is Colorado Mesa University in?

Colorado State University is in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Where is Colorado State University?

Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Where is Colorado state university located?

The University of Colorado Denver is located in the state of Colorado.

What is the overall record of the Colorado State University football team over the last 30 years?

Since 1974 Colorado State has gone 182-164-5.