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Auburn University is in Alabama, in the city of Auburn.

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Q: What state is auburn university in?
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What school that starts withan a?

Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona. Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama.

Where is the Auburn University of college located?

Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama. Auburn is the second largest university in Alabama. It is one of the state's two public flagship universities.

Where is aburn university?

Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama.

What is the abbreviation for Auburn?

The abbreviation for Auburn, as in Auburn University, is A.

What county is auburn university in?

Auburn University is in Lee County, Alabama, and located in the city of Auburn.

What college did Ellen miles go to?

auburn university

What is the logo for the auburn university?

The official logo of Auburn University is the interlocking AU. The university is also symbolized by the Samford Hall clock tower and the Auburn University seal.

Where is Auburn University?

in auburn Alabama stupid

When was Auburn University Chapel created?

Auburn University Chapel was created in 1851.

What is auburn university mascot?

The Auburn University mascot is the Barnyard Turkey.

When was Auburn University created?

Auburn University was created in 1856.

What are the college football teams in Alabama?

UAB auburn university university of alabama university of north alabama jacksonville state university samford university university of west alabama troy university birmingham southern college university of south alabama faulkner university huntingdon college AUM- Auburn University Montgomery (if you wanted to know)Also Virginia College