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Q: Did bastet do anything special during the time they lived?
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Did Caesar have anything to do with Bastet?

Yes because he ruled over Egypt with Cleopatra which is where Bastet lived.

When was Bastet alive?

Bastet was an powerful ancient Egyptian cat goddess, so she would have lived in ancient Egypt times.

Where does Bastet live?

In ancient Egypt, Bast was believed to have lived among mortals.

Do you want to know when bastet was born?

she was born under the ground and she was born july 14 of 1824 and was married to a cat of first sight she lived in an old middle king dom and rescued a queen and took the queen to the castle and the queen named the cat bastet and sthe queen also said bastet will become queen. and that my friends is how bastet became queen

When did bastet live?

Ancient Egyptian myth does not say Bast ever did die. Nor tell when she lived, or was born.

What did George melies do?

he was one of the earliest film special effects director or cinematographer . he used double exposures and substitution stop techniques to achieve many special effects that where revolutionary for the era of film he lived during.

Was the Cherokee people anything special?

No the Cherokee were just humans that lived in a productive, progressive, socialist society that had existed in peace and harmony with the world around them for approximately 20,000 years.

Who lived during the Stone Age?

who lived during stone age

What was special about the Forbidden City?

it was were the egyiption king lived it was were the egyiption king lived

What part of speech is during?

"During" is a preposition. For example: I lived with friends during my time at university.

Who lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese lived in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Why is balmoral castle special to the queen?

Balmoral castle is special to the queen because it's where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert lived during her reign. It still remains as a faveourite summer royal residence. Balmoral castle is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Which animals lived during the Permian Period?

Animals such as Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus lived during the Permian Period.

What lived during the Pennsylvanian Period?

There are several things that lived during the Pennsylvanian Period. Giant water scorpions, eels, crocodiles, newts, salamanders, and many other things lived during this time.

Did the German alchemists during the Middle Ages know anything about glazes for pottery?

If the German alchemist lived after 900 AD, then yes. They became more common as time went on.

Tulsi das lived during the reign of?

Tulsidas lived during the reign of Mogul emperor Jallaluddin AKbar

When did brachiosaurus lived?

brachiosaurus lived during the late Jurassic

What are my chances of having mad cow disease since I lived in the U.K. during the outbreak?

Unless you happened to eat contaminated beef or some special dish that is made from the brains and/or spinal cord of an unknowingly infected cow, chances of getting the human form of Mad Cow Disease are slim. They get even slimmer if you have abstained from eating any beef during this outbreak crisis when you lived in the U.K. during that frightening period.

What environment did the allosaurus live in?

The allosaurus dinosaur lived in swampy lands during the summer and during the winter they lived in dried regions. They lived in Africa and astralia

What four musical geniuses lived during the eighteenth century?

what four musical geniusese lived during the eighteenth century

Who lived during shakespeares time?

He lived in the Elizabethian time peroid

In which era did the dinosaurs lived?

Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era.

What animals lived during the paleozoic era?

reptiles, winged insects, and salamander type animals lived during the Paleozoic era.

Where did J.R.R Tolkien live during his adulthood?

During his adulthood, Tolkien lived in the UK. When he was a child he lived in the UK and South Africa.

Why is the litter humans leave behind as valuable to archaeologists?

anything that was left behind that is still preserved today helped in showing what they ate and what they did during their lifetime. how they hunted and how they lived. pottery, feces, corn cobs, tools. arrow heads and anything else that they used to survive.