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Did bianca kiss ash in Pokemon Heroes?

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Opinion 1

It was Latias because when you look closely at the shirt collar Latias' shirt collar does not have any buttons but the real Bianca does.

Opinion 2It was Latias since when Ash and the gang were leaving they saw Bianca (Latias) and they pull over and when they met she just gave him a picture and a kiss on the cheek, it's obvious because when Latias is Bianca she never talks but Bianca does. Opinion 3 - It's unknown but it is most likely Latias because she just ran up to him and kissed him because she doesn't talk but it may be Bianca because almost every Pokemon Movie Main Girl turns out to like Ash or be friends with him.

Opinion 4 - It is most likely Bianca because when Oakley called she left her room and she is the one drawing not Latias

Opinion 5 - It is most probably Latias, or it could be Bianca because she may be acting all Latias-like so Ash wouldn't know.

Opinion 6 - It was Latias I know this with absolute certainty. I say it's Latias because Latias is the one that Ash saved from the two Team Rocket girls, Latias developed a very close bond with Ash throughout the course of the movie and she didn't say a single word to Ash, she stayed completely silent which Latias always does while transformed.

Opinion 7 - It was Bianca because you see the hand grabbing the picture of Ash and Pikachu a hat was left on the painting stand and plus Latias can't kiss because before on it she licked ash.

Opinion 8 I believe that Bianca kissed Ash and there are a few theories.

1. What if Bianca kissed Ash and gave him the picture as a way of thanking him for all the trouble he went through?

2. What if Bianca took off her hat so that she could trick Ash (not to mention almost all the Pokemon fans) that it wasn't her

3. If you don't own Pokemon Heroes on DVD then this won't make any sense but on the Pokemon Heroes DVD trivia game, one of the questions are "In parting, what kind of gift does Bianca give to Ash?" and the correct answer is: a painting.

Another Opinion:

It's hard to tell but here are some clues to find out who it was.

If it was Latias:

1. Latias normally doesn't talk when she's in human or humanoid form.

2. Bianca was gone when Ash was leaving so i think maybe Latias grabbed the painting and took it to Ash.

3. Latias' relationship with Ash improves throughout the entire movie and because of which she had really taken a liking to Ash.

If it was Bianca:

1. Near the end of movie Latios and Latias weere flying through town and it would take a long time to find a safe place to change back so it could be Bianca.

2. Latias can't draw and she seemed in such a rush that maybe Bianca forgot her hat.

3.Bianca was kinda mean to Ash but later she started to open up to him.

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Do may and ash kiss in Pokemon?

No, the only time Ash has ever been kissed was in the 5th movie "Pokémon Heroes" by Latias when it changed into Bianca.

Who does ash kiss in Pokemon?

This is a quote from Pokemon Wikia about Bianca from Pokemon Heroes: "After helping save Alto Mare, she ran to Ash, who was leaving, and kissed him and gave him a picture. However, it is unknown if it was either Latias in disguise or the real Bianca who really to kissed Ash, although it is most likely Latias who did it, because the Bianca who kissed him wasn't wearing a hat."

Who kissed Ash in Pokemon Heroes?

Latias is the one who kissed Ash in Pokémon Heroes, when Latias is disguised as Bianca she doesn't talk, she doesn't wear a hat and she has a different hairdo.

Who kissed ash in Pokemon movie heroes?

Bianca kissed Ash 100% because we can see her leaving her room without taking her hat and taking with her the drawing she gave to Ash when she kissed him! I'm 100% sure. BELIEVE ME! BIANCA KISSED ASH! NOT LATIAS! BIANCA! I'M 100% SURE ABOUT THIS!

Did dawn and ash kiss in Pokemon?

No, Dawn and Ash did not kiss in Pokemon.

Does Ash from Pokemon ever kiss anyone?

No, Ash never kisses a girl, but later on in the series in the fifth movie, Pokemon Heroes, Ash gets kissed by Latias, who can turn to a girl.

Do Ash and Dawn kiss in Pokemon?

No, Ash and Dawn do not kiss.

Who kissed ash in Pokemon movie 5?

latias the Pokemon kissed ash in movie 5 . Some people think bianca did but it was latias because at that part of the movie she did not talk,she did not have her hat on and latias likes ash more bianca.The name of this movie is heroes.

Does May ever kiss Ash?

No they have never kissed.THE only kisses that ash got in cheek were from,melody and ... i do not know that that was in Pokemon heroesPS:do you know new girl in Pokemon?HER name is Iris.

When does ash and may kiss in Pokemon?

They do not kiss in the the TV Show "Pokemon".

Pokemon will dawn and ash kiss?

no! in Pokemon ash and dawn will not kiss. people have never kissed in Pokemon...but there is a chance they might hug. hope this helped!

Which episode did ash kiss may?

I'm not sure if Ash kissed anyone in Pokemon, but he got kissed by other people, a girl called Melody in Pokemon the movie 2 and Bianca kissed Ash in Pokemon the fifth movie.Im an advaceshippier I hope to see Ash kiss May, but I don't think he will. Hi everybody! I HAD TO MAKE THE LANGUAGE CAPITALIZATION AND PUNCTUATION FOR THE OTHER PERSON, SO I DESERVE ALOT OF THE CREDIT HERE.

Who does Ash Ketchum love?

Misty, is the first love of ash but his firstkiss is in the movie athe heroes I don't know if that's latias or bianca who kiss ash but misty is the true one and not an accident that misty and ash kissed under the misstletoe i don't know whats the episode of that but keep serching to find the aswer.

Did Ash kiss May in Pokemon?

No, Ash hasn't kissed May in Pokémon. misty and ash kissed in Pokemon episode called a kiss under the mistletoe...... it's misty and not may

Do dawn and ash kiss on Pokemon?

Nope, Ash and Dawn do not kiss in any episode of Pokémon.

Did ash and dawn ever kiss in Pokemon?

No, Ash and Dawn did not kiss in any Pokémon episodes.

Will dawn and ash kiss?

Yes Dawn and Ash have kissed. Dawn and Ash are characters in the series, Pokemon. Pokemon was released in 1996.

Did ash kiss Bianca or Latias?

Ash didn't kiss Bianca or Latias, 1 of them kissed him, now which one kissed him on the cheek is a matter of debate due to Latias' shape shifting ability so some people will believe Latias kissed him and some will be Bianca kissed him. The main point that people will point out with the character that kissed Ash on the cheek is that Bianca's hairstyle is in the same style as it would be while Latias would be disguised as Bianca.

On Pokemon does dawn kiss ash and if she does what episode?

I don't think Dawn will ever kiss Ash nor Ash will kiss Dawn. They're just friends that's all.

Does May kiss Ash in Pokemon?

No, May never kisses Ash in Pokémon.

Which Pokemon episode did Ash kiss May?

It's true they did kiss in episode ' 357 Kiss under the mistletoe' but parents complained and it got banned if it never been banned advanceshipping would have been in a lead againts all others Ash also kissed other girls named Melody and Bianca

Does Ash ever kiss anyone in Pokemon?

Nope but loads of girls kiss him.

Did chickoritt kiss ash on Pokemon?

yes it kiss him after he lets it join his team

Does Ash ever kiss Misty in Pokemon?

They Kiss in an Episode Called 'A Kiss Under The Mistletoe'

Which episodes of Pokemon does ash kiss someone?

Ash never kisses anyone. Pokemon is not a TV show with shipping.