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Did biggie smalls attend the Kingdom Hall?

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Yes she was. She attended a Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall while Biggie Small was young.

To the best of my knowledge this individual is not one of Jehovah's Witnesses and does not attend their meetings at any Kingdom hall.

One of the many in California.

Yes, anyone can attend, baptised or not baptised.

Whichever one she wants. Jehovah's Witnesses are a united worldwide brotherhood and all Kingdom Halls (or congregations) have the same study and worship programs, so a witness (or anyone else, for that matter) may attend any hall in whichever city they happen to be. Katherine Jackson would regularly attend the Kingdom Hall in closest to her home.

Jehovahs witnesses witnesses do not attend a church. The building is known as the Kingdom Hall. We also have a website with videos hat tells us what happens at the Kingdom Hall. To view this and other videos visit wwwdotjwdotorg

Go to the official website and scroll to bottom, click on "attend our meetings" and enter your location and language. It will tell you the nearest Kingdom Hall and language to your location.

If you would like to know what happens at a Kingdom hall, you can go on On the left you will see categories and you will find videos. You can then search for the title "what happens at a kingdom hall"

I am a young Jehovah's witness 12 years old to be exact but i live in Destin, Florida so i know were the Destin Kingdom hall is and the Navarre Kingdom hall is. The Navarre Kingdom hall is on Mohawk Trail if you passed the Wallmart you have gone to Far. Now if you are going in to Destin then the kingdom Hall is on Wails Tail if you know were wales tail is you on the First Right turn and you will see it if you can see the beach you have gone to far. -Lauren S. Answer 2: Look for the locations on at the bottom under attend our meetings

You can find Kingdom Hall locations by using:Kingdom Hall Finder

A true, baptized Witness will not attend a Catholic Funeral. Nor do they wear black to funerals, as it is a worldly thing to do.

You can get it at the Kingdom Hall. The Song Book has it in there.

The Kingdom Hall us a place where we meet for worship

The official website of Jehovah's Witnesses is scroll to the bottom, click on "attend our meetings" You can put in your location and it will find the neartest Kingdom Hall to where you are.

Well, the Kings Castle is in the centre of the city. YOu might call that a Kingdom Hall (?)

Go to the official website and scroll to bottom, click on "attend our meetings" and enter your location. It will tell you the nearest Kingdom Hall to your location.

Kingdom Hall is located at: 9 D Tsinandali St Tbilisi (From )

The Kingdom Hall address on Saint Martin Street in St Martinville, LA is 902.

The Puckrup Hall is located in Tewkesbury ,United Kingdom. The hall is located inside of the Hilton Hotel and Resort that is once again located in the United Kingdom.

They dont go to kingdom hall.He stoped being a Jahovas Wittnes.He became a christian.Good answer! WRONG. His children go to the Kingdom Hall with their grandmother and aunt as often as possible.

There is one kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Tacloban, although there may be more than one congregation meeting at that hall.

It varies from Hall to Hall. You have to check locally.

In most parts of the world, dedicated Jehovah's Witness women do not wear pants to the kingdom hall. However, in certain regions where it is considered formal wear (such as an Indian Salwar), it is acceptable for them to wear pants. However, since Jehovah's Witness meetings are open to the public, female visitors to kingdom halls are welcome to attend wearing pants.

Anyone is welcome to attend any Kingdom Hall anywhere in the world. (There are over 100,000 congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide today.) As for the singer, Prince, he has a "home" congregation but when touring, etc., he attends whichever one is nearest, as they all follow the same routine and are united in their worship and study programs.

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