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Q: Did browning ever make a nickel finish 12 gauge auto 5 shotgun?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge Browning shotgun serial B17577?

What is the value of a 12 gauge Browning shotgun serial J68824?

What is a browning 12 gauge twelvette?

Shotgun made by Browning.

What is the browning a bolt 12 gauge shotgun?

A bolt action shotgun in 12 gauge.

What is the value of a browning BSS 20G shotgun?

A Browning side by side 20 gauge shotgun in Grade I,with a original finish of between 70%-90% will bring between 1,000-1,800 dollars.

What is a browning magnum 20 gauge?

A shotgun.

What is the value of a belgium made browning automatic 16 gauge shotgun serial X70115?

Your 1952 produced browning 16ga. auto-5 shotgun is going for between 250 dollars and 550 dollars depending on the amount of original finish left on the shotgun and wood finish left.

What is the value of an old browning shotgun serial number C14099 in good condition?

That would all depend on the model of shotgun in question,the gauge that the shotgun is chambered for,and the amount of original finish remaining,and a good bore.Please include this info to get a estimate of value for your Browning shotgun.

What is the caliber for a 55110 browning shotgun?

10 gauge

What is the age of a Browning gauge humpback serial number 62117?

If you have a 12 gauge model auto-5 Browning shotgun?Then it was produced by FN of Belguim for Browning in 1923.If you have the same shotgun in 16 gauge,then it was produced in 1928.

What year was browning shotgun serial number 70216 made?

If you have a Browning auto-5 shotgun in 12 gauge it was made in the year 1925.If it is a 16 gauge shotgun,then it was made in the year 1929.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Browning automatic shotgun serial 40538?

Need a detailed description of finish, condition, all features and markings.

How old is a browning a5 serial number 97679?

If your browning auto-5 shotgun is a 12 gauge then it was made in 1927,if you have a 16 gauge shotgun it was made in 1934.

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