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Did china agree with the open door policy?


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yh open your mums door :L


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state John Hay declares open door policy in China.

did the open door policy of china succeed

The Open Door policy prevented nations form establishing colonies in China.

The Open Door Policy was when the US basically protected its trading rights with China during the imperial time period.

The Open Door Policy was found in the year 1899.

Secretary of State John Hays is recognized as the inventor of the open door policy to China. This allowed for the US and China to exchange goods.

He issued it because he was afraid that he would be excluded from trade with china. so he issued the open door policy

The purpose of the Open Door Policy was to keep any one foreign power from having control over China.

The Open Door policy stated that no one country would have a monopoly on trade with China, allowing the U.S. to enter Chinese markets.

The term "Open Door Policy" refers to the equal trading rights among countries

The United States proclaimed the "Open Door" Policy in 1899.

The importance of the Open Door Policy was for the Chinese to maintain independence and American trading rights in China.

The open door policy was when China opened up it's ports to trade with other countries again.

The "door" that was opened was the access to China and all of it's trading ports.

The Open Door Policy to China was primarily instituted to open the Chinese markets to American businesses. It originated in 1899 with United States Secretary of State John Hayes' Open Door Note.

John Hay and "The Open Door Policy"

open door policy is allowed all the nations a chance to trade with China, especially us

The Open Door Policy that was imposed on China was developed by James Hay, the US Secretary of State in in the Open Door Notes of September-November 1899.

The Open Door policy with China was proposed by John Hay, US Secretary of State. He sent the policy to Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Russia.

Here's two: The Open Door Policy was proposed in 1899. The Open Door Policy stated that no single country should have a monopoly on trade with China. Hope I helped. :3

The open door policy is when a certain country (like China) allow foreigners in their country. Now a closed door policy is when a coutry doesn't allow foreigners in their country.

European intervention in China

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