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No, there is nothing in the accounts of Jesus' life to suggest that

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Q: Did christ help to crucify a person?
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What day of the week was Christ crucify?

Friday but that is what Christians belive we do not know for sure

What is it called when you are put on a cross?

If you mean the way in which Christ suffered, it is a crucifixion or to crucify.

How do you say in aramaic crucify him?

crucify him (when addressing one male person) = צלב לו (tslav lo)

How did Pontius Pilate influence Christianity?

As the then Roman Authority in Jerusalem, his decision to allow the release of Barabas and then crucify Jesus Christ, allowed for the final act of the Savior of Mankind and the beginning of Christianity.

Use the word crucify in the sentence?

What are you going to do, crucify me? They will crucify you. "Crucify Him, crucify Him!", shouted the crowd to Pontius Pilate.

How did Christ messages help the teachings of Jesus?

The teachings of Jesus ARE Christ's message because he was Jesus Christ. Christ and Jesus are the same person.

How do you turn a person into a christian?

You alone can not do this, it is the spirit of God that makes a person follow Christ. As a Christian it is your duty to be there to serve people and Christ. Perhaps something you do or say will help open a person to Christ's call.

Who was the first person to bring the idea of cruxification of Jesus Christ?

The people of Israel. When Pilot offered them the choice to either let Jesus or Barabbas free, they chose Barabbas. Then when Pilot asked what he should do with Jesus, they yelled, "Crucify him!"

Why did it please God to crucify Christ?

So that he can die for everyone sins if he did not die for everyone sin then we would be eaten by the devil already

What is a sentence for crucify?

The authorities will crucify you if you get caught stealing.

What Family Guy episode does Kung Fu action Jesus come out in?

Are you referring to the "Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This" trailer in "North by North Quahog" ?

When was Crucify My Heart created?

Crucify My Heart was created in 2003.