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The convict Dan Kelly Bushrasnder does not have much publicly known about him. It is unknown if he has children or was ever married.

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Q: Did dan kelly bushrasnder have a wife children?
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Who was Dan Kelly?

Dan Kelly was one of bushranger Ned Kelly's brothers, and part of the Kelly gang.

Who was Dan?

Dan Kelly was one of bushranger Ned Kelly's brothers, and part of the Kelly gang.

How did Dan Kelly help Ned Kelly?

Dan Kelly was the third member of the gang. Many people considered Dan Kelly as the "thinker" of the family and reguardless of the many times Dan Kelly offered his advice (which would have saved the gang and Ned Kelly many times), Ned Kelly did not take it.

Did dan kelly steal horses?

yes dan kelly stold horses. .

Was Ned Kelly ever married?

There is no evidence to suggest that Ned Kelly ever married or had children.

When did Dan Kelly - bushranger - die?

Dan Kelly - bushranger - died on 1880-06-28.

What date did dan kelly die?

Dan Kelly died on June 18th of 1880. He was a bushranger in Australia and the brother of Ned Kelly.

Is Dan ned kelly's brother younger than ned kelly or older?

yes dan was older than ned kelly

Where was Dan Kelly born?

Like his famous brother, bushranger Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly was born near Beveridge in Victoria, Australia.

Did Dan Conner on Roseanne have siblings?

I believe just "Little" Ed and Angela, the children that were born on the show to Dan's father's second wife, Crystal.

Is Dan Kelly older than Ned Kelly?

yes he was

How did dan kelly the bushranger die?

Dan Kelly, Ned Kelly's brother, became a bushranger when his mother was assaulted by a policeman. He was part of ned kellys gang He died in a fire along with steve hart