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Early Greek, including the works of Homer, the early Greek philosophers, and all of the writings of Early Christianity, were written as continuous strings of letters, with no spaces and no punctuation. This was the case for all languages of the Mediterranean world in antiquity.

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Q: Did early Greek writing have no spaces or punctuation?
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When did punctuation start?

Punctuation has been used since ancient civilizations, with early forms appearing in Greek and Latin texts. The modern system of punctuation, as we know it today, began to evolve in the Middle Ages with the work of Ancient Greek and Roman scholars. The first standardized system of punctuation was developed in the Renaissance by Italian printer Aldus Manutius in the late 15th century.

What was an early influence od arthur millers writing?

the greek tragedians

What were two early forms of writing and where did they develope in Egypt?

Demotic and Greek. Developed in egypt

Did the Greek alphabet originally have lower case letters?

The Greek alphabet did not originally have lower case letters, neither did it have accent marks, nor did it have spaces between letters. In fact, originally the Greeks originally used the Phoenician Alphabet. Then the Greeks used three different Alphabets for the three different Greek languages or dialects. Finally Alexander the Great united them into Koine Greek. Punctuation was added when the great library in Alexandria was built. The Greek alphabet as we know it was created by Erasmus in the early 1500s.

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Why is Early Writings important?

because current Chinese writing came from early Chinese writing

Where was Greek writing written?

Primarily in stone and marble. They also used a form of the Egyptian papyrus.More information:While there are many Greek inscriptions on ancient buildings and marble monuments, people in the Greek and Roman empires regularly used parchment for important letters, scrolls and legal document. Papyrus - an early material much like paper - was used for ordinary writing purposes. The Greek language (Koine Greek) was the common language used throughout the(western) known world from about 300 BCE until about 300 CE.

What are The writings of early Greek and Romans called?

greek and latin obviously

What are the writings of early Greek and Romans?

greek and latin obviously

Why is early Chinese writing important?

Early Chinese writing is important because it is one of the oldest writing systems in the world, dating back thousands of years. It has allowed for the preservation of Chinese historical records, literature, and philosophy. Additionally, the writing system has played a significant role in the development of Chinese culture and identity.

Early theater had its beginnings in which civilization?

Early theater had its beginnings in Greek civilization.

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