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Did god die?

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God cannot die for He is ever lasting. Only humans die in the flesh but live on as spirits in the mansions of the Eternal Father.

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How did Helios the sun god die?

He didn't die because he is a god..god never die..

Who was the first god to die?

None. By definition, a god cannot die.

When did the Greek god Hercules die?

Being a god he did not really die.

How did ra the sun god die?

Ra is not a living god so it cannot die. Ra is a false god. He is a manmade god.

For God you live and for God you will die?

actually its not necessary to live or die for God because not all of ppl believe in God if you believe in God you live and die for Him you live to obey His rules and pray , fast , treat ppl well e.t.c. ... and when you die . you die to get your reward as a believer by go-en to heaven if are a god you will died

Does God judge you when you die?

Those who believe in God believe He will judge you when you die.

When did Neptune roman god die and how old was he?

He didn't die he is a god and imortal

When did the greek god oceanus die?

Oceanus the Greek god did not die in myth.

When did knum egptian god die?

The ancient Egyptian god Knum did not die.

How did the greek god dionysus die?

In Greek myth, Dionysus died to become a god. As a Greek god, he does not die.

Why did God have to become man?

god cannot die so god had to become man to die for our sins which we have done.

What live and never die?

god god

Why did Raancient Egypt god die?

Ra, the ancient Egyptian god, did not die in myth.

When did the sun god ra die?

If you accept the premise that Ra was a god then he cannot die.

How did Khnum Egyptian god die?

In Ancient Egyptain myth, the god Khnum did not die.

Did god die with hair or no hair?

Last time i checked GOD didnt die.

How did ra the sun god of Egypt die?

In Egyptian myth the god Ra did not die.

'only god can choose when people die'?

Yes that is true. Allah swt is the REAL god!! Beleive this! OR ELSE!!! YOU"LLL DIE DIE DIE DIE!!

Will Neji die?

He will not die.....Thank god.....

When did Ares god of war die and where?

Ares god of war is immortal; thus he can not die anywhere.

How did god Hades die?

He did not, because he IS god of the dead

How is god unlike a rose?

God doesn't die

What is true love for God evidenced by?

that God sent his son to die on the cross for your sins.if you believe that,when you die,you will live with God forever and ever!

I am impossible for God is above God I am more important than love and you will die if you eat me What am I?

Nothing NOthing is impossible for god. NOthing is above God, If you eat nothing you will die..

How did the Greek god Zeus die?

According to myth, Zeus the Greek god didn't die. He was immortal.