Did hades have to take care of Cerberus?

According to myth, Cerberus was one of the immortal spawn of Typhon and Echidna. As such, while the lore does not specify one way or another, it is unlikely he required much in the way of care and feeding. Lucky for him too. Considering that Hades had to kidnap Demeter's daughter to find a wife, he doesn't strike me as the nurturing type. So amusing as the image of a grumbling god of death wearing a gas mask and carrying a humongous shovel to do his unpleasant duty may be, the mythology treats the beast more as a feature of the underworld than a charge of Hades.

The monster's association with Hades is in the role of guardian to the the land of the dead. His exclusive appetite for living flesh made him ideal for this role, as he would allow the dead to enter unmolested. Of course, with a few notable exceptions, he would not allow anyone to leave.