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no he was as lonely as you

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Is it he and his friends or his friends and he?

its him and his friends.WRONG. It is "his friends and he."

What do people in Ireland value most?

Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.Family and friends.

What should this be friends or friends'?


What are pretend friends?

Pretend friends are friends that you pretend are there, imaginary friends.

What is the correct grammar of this sentence Can you be friends?

"Can we be friends," "Can you and he be friends"

How do you be friends with someone you werent friends?

be friends

What are Thailand's friends?

i don't get it...friends are friends..

Is She and I am friends a correct sentence?

She and I are friends.

Why are your best friends annoying?

Because that is how it is. Friends fight friends hate but friends are friends. And there is one point in life that your friends are annoying but they're really there for you......

What are the release dates for Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends - 2015?

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends - 2015 was released on: USA: 2015

What is best friends?

Best friends are friends that are closest to you

What does Les Amis des mes amis cest mes amis mean?

This translates literally as 'The friends of my friends are my friends'. In good English 'My friends' friends are my friends also'.

How do you have a mutual friends in facebook?

Mutual friends are common friends of yours and one of your friends. Simply you and one of your friend have some friends in common they are the mutual friends for yours and your friend.

How do friends affect friends?

Friends affect friends in almost every way. From what they wear to how they talk, it is all influenced by who your friends are. It has been proven that if you have more friends that cut, then friends that don't, you'd will be more likely to cut because you'd want to feel your friends pain. Choose your friends wisely.

Block my friends from your friends?

no because ur friend can have friends that arent ur friends but still are friends to ur friend! (confusion)lol

What are all the Nintendogs versions?

There is Chihuahua and Friends, Dachund and Friends, Lab and Friends, Dalmation and Friends and Best friends. They all have different dogs.

What if you get glasses will your friends be your friends?

If they are truley our friends they will not care if you have glasses or not

Friends in French?

Amis (friends) or mes amis (my friends).

What is top friends?

top friends mean best friends

What to do if your boyfriend has friends and you dont?

Make friends with your boyfriends friends

What is the best song to sing for your friends?

friends will be friends by queen

are aliens and cats friends?

Yes they are friends

How can you get mutual friends on facebook?

You can't get them. Mutual friend is a your friend's friend.You can get mutual friends on Facebook either by you making friends with people who are on each of your Facebook friends' lists or by your Facebook friends making friends with people who are on your friends list.

who want to be friends?

Everyone in this earth requires a friend to share his or her feelings

Husband talks bad about me to friends?

Clarification needed: his friends or your friends?