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Yes. Jackie Chan said so in an interview, and also said that there was a stunt double, but Will (Jaden's dad) wanted Jaden to all the stunts.

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The Karate Kid - 1989 A Little World of His Own 1-13 was released on: USA: 16 December 1989

He does some of his own stunts I believe, but not all....

Yes Knoxville did all his own stunts.

Yes. He does his own stunts in every film.

They do a few of their own stunts but major things are performed by stunt doubles.

Yes. He did his own stunts for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

According to Bruce Campbell he did about 75% of his own stunts .

There are outtakes at the end of almost all of Jackie Chan's movies of him doing his own stunts.

Apparently it is out in 2012, Dre is 14 in the movie and is having a tournament in America. Mr. Han has his own kung-fu class. Cheng and Dre are best friends in the movie. The Karate Kid 2: Home isn't sweet home.

As much as he ever does 'ALL' his own stunts. See the related question for a fuller answer on 'Does Jackie Chan do all his own stunts'. There were some scenes in The Tuxedo that Jackie was doubled by one of his stunt team.

Bruce Lee did stunts for other actors, he also did most of his own stunts when he was acting.

In the privacy of your own home after you've either purchased, rented or borrowed the DVD or Bluray.

Jackie is still doing his own stunts in 2013 although he has said that he is not doing any more 'big action' movies.

hell yeah dude does his own stunts

No. Unfortunately it is not. But that's for your own safety.

She did most of her own stunts yes but I think there were a sporadic few that she had a body double for. Sliding into the sewers and jumping from them into the water she did, as well as riding the horse.

To the person who said, He used to but age prevents him from doing the more dangerous ones. --- He did his own stunts in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull even at the age of 65. Get the 2 disk DVD set and it shows him doing the stunts. Besides, Today's stunts aren't ALL that dangerous anymore! A lot of times, stunts are performed in front of a special "green screen" that is used later to add, via a high-tech computer, the backdrops and images. Most stunts today are basically camera tricks and "movie magic"! Honest! (Well, MOST stunts!)

Yes! Michael Crawford performed every one of the stunts for his character adding to the popularity of him as an actor.

In New Moon, Taylor does 99% of his own stunts....

no he does not there is a stunt double

Jackie Chan Adventures - 2000 And He Does His Own Stunts 2-11 was released on: USA: 27 October 2001

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