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Q: Did Japan have to pay any compensation for World War 2?
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Did the emperor from japan in world war 2 have any kids?

Yes. His oldest son is the current Emperor of Japan.

Did china have any specific enemy countries during world war 2?


Was land lost for japan after World War 1?

Japan was on the winning side in WW1. It didn't loose any land.

What is the name of the two rockets were sent in word war 1 from america to japan?

No rockets were sent to Japan by any country in America in World War 1

Can japan declare war after world war 2?

Any country can declare war on anybody else. What matters is can you back it up?

Japan's economy grew faster than that of any other nation in the world?

after World War II (after 1945).

How many men did Japan mobilize in World War 1?

Although Japan did declare war on Germany in world war 1 they never actually mobilized any men. They did, however, send aid and supplies to other counties during the war.

Did Germany have any allies in World War 2?

Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

Did japan occupy any American islands in World War 2?

Japan occupied the islands of Wake, and the Phillipenes, as well as the Marshall islands

Did the whole world fought in the World War 2?

No, not all of the world was affected, not by any means. But when Japan attacked the US at Pearl Harbor the world as a whole was at war. Few were unaffected. It was in all the newspapers !

Why didn't Japan invade the mainland US during World War 2?

Because the War in Asia Was harder than they thought and the US army overan any offenses Japan sent

What was not occupied by japan in World war 2?

Any thing not in the pacific and some places in the pacific (nukes scared them)

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