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Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 - before the start of World War 2.


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The united states And China (Manchuria).

Manchuria was neither. It was invaded by Japan in the 1930's and was under Japanese occupation during the war.

Korea, Taiwan and large parts of China (including Manchuria).

During World War 2, Japan took over Manchuria and controlled it during September 18, 1931 (called Manchuria Manchukuo after control) and parts of China during the war between the Chinese and Japanese

Japan invades and occupies Manchuria on September 18, 1931

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931

Japan attacked Manchuria, this causing the second world war.

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 and The USSR invaded Manchuria in 1945 to stop the Japanese and try to end World War 2.

Japan seized manchuria on 1931 September 18th

Japan did not instigate hostilities with Russia during World War II. Russia was agreed to attack Japan during the Tehran Conference in 1945 and did so on August 9, 1945, by invading Manchuria.

When Japan invaded Manchuria they took over and claimed the land for their own. They occupied the area until World War 2 ended.

Japan invaded Manchuria. They did this because Manchuria was poorly defended and had many resources. It had living space for their surplus population and Manchuria had enough raw materials, food and other goods that would make Japan self-sufficient.

During the interwar years (1919 to 1939), Japan invaded Manchuria, and began hostilities with China, which would continue until the end of World War II. The Japanese invasion signaled the end of the League of Nations. China appealed to the League, and asked for action to be taken against Japan. Several European countries had trade agreements with Japan, and would not support sanctions. As a result, Japan continued to occupy Manchuria, and all faith was lost in the League of Nations.

Manchuria,Thailand, pearl harbor and Taiwan apex= Korea

Germany is wrong. Japan invaded the country of Manchuria.

Japan invaded Manchuria in the 1930's.

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria .

Japan occupied it during there imperial march across asia before the outbreak of the secend World War and the War in the Pacific.

Japan invaded or attacked Burma , China , Indochina , the Philippines , Malaysia , Manchuria , Wake Island , Hong Kong , Singapore and the Aleutians .

During the 1930s, Japan began its conquest of parts of East Asia, including Manchuria andChina's Jehol Province.

Japan had fought a war with Russia and had invaded Manchuria prior to the start of World War II.

Japan wanted more land. They invaded Manchuria and attacked the USA (Pearl Harbor).

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