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Yes, John Hancock was married but he and his wife did not have children. He was a statesman and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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Q: Did john Hancock ever get married?
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Was John Hancock single?

no john Hancock was married

Who did John Hancock marry?

John Hancock married Dorothy Quincy Hancock

How many times was John Hancock married?

John Hancock was married one time.

When was John Hancock married?

He was married in 1756

What day did John Hancock get married?

John Hancock got married in 1775, he got married to Dolly Quincy they had three kids all died.

Did John Hancock had slaves?

There is no evidence that John Hancock ever bought or sold slaves.

When did John Hancock marry Dorothy Quincy?

John Hancock married Dorothy Quincy in 1775.

Was john hancock ever a president?


Historic events on may 4?

John Hancock married JUliea Hancock.

Who was John Hancock married to?

Dorothy Quincie

How long was John Hancock married?

500 years

Who did John Hancock get married with?

Dorothy "Dolly" Quincy

When did John Hancock and dolly quincey get married?


Was John Hancock a slave owner?

There is no evidence that John Hancock ever bought or sold slaves.----WRONG There is evidence that John Hancock did have one slave to help around the house.

Was John Hancock married to Dolly Quincy?

Yes, but "Dolly" was her nickname. Her legal name at birth was Dorothy Quincy. She married once and was Dorothy Quincy Scott. After her first husband passed away, she married John Hancock, and then her legal married name was Dorothy Quincy Hancock Scott.

Was John Hancock a troublemaker?

John Hancock was a wealthy man. He was the 2nd President of the continetial congress. He was the coolest guy ever!!!

Did John Hancock ever get arrested?

No, he was never arrested

Who was john Hancock's wife?

John Hancock's wife was Dorothy Quincy. When she married John Hancock in August of 1775, she became Dorothy Hancock.Dorothy Quincy

How many people did John Hancock married?

Just one, Dorothy Quincy Hancock, they had three children, Lydia Hancock who died at ten months, John George Washington Hancock who died at nine, and Nancy Hancock, who died immediately after birth.

Did john Hancock have kids with Abigail Adams?

No. John Hancock was married to Abigail Adams' cousin, Dorothy Quincy. John Hancock and his wife Dorothy had two children. Abigail Adams had six children with her husband John Quincy Adams.

Was John Hancock ever divorced?

yes 67 times

How old was John Hancock when he got married?

He wasn't even born yet.

What is the saying about John Hancock?

Can I have your John Hancock?

How did John Hancock get his name?

From his father John Hancock Jr. and his father John Hancock Sr.

Did John Hancock ever have children?

yes he had 2 but both died young