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Belive it,Randy and cena beat the raw roster.The two worked as a team and did thier finisher back and forth.But then raw roster all jumped in a beat them up and raw got dq.You can catch up on it on,just type in Randy ortan and John Cena vs raw roster

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Q: Did john cena and Randy Orton beat the raw roster?
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How much time Randy Orton beat john cena?

how many time john cena beat randy orton i love to randy freind with john cena

Who won between john and Randy Orton vs raw roster?

cena and orton

What caused john cena and Randy Orton to become enemys?

When Orton beat Cena to become WWE Champion

Does john cena and Randy Orton smoak?

John Cena doesn't but Randy Orton does

Who did john cena beat in summerslam 2007?

Randy Orton for the wwe championship

Did john cena beat Randy Orton?

He has in the past.

Has John Cena ever beaten Randy Orton?

Yes. For example in 2009 Hell in a Cell Orton beat Cena for the title. But at Bragging Rights in an Iron Man Match, Cena took the title from Orton.

Do John Cena and Randy Orton have wives?

Only randy Orton is married . John Cena is unmarried.

Who is the best between Randy Orton or john cena?

Randy Orton

Is john cena and randy orton friends?

Randy And Cena are best friends and have been since their day at Ohio Valley. why randy orton and John Cena are fighting?

Is John Cena going to win at breakingpoint 2009 for WWE championship against Randy Orton?

No-one knows for sure but John Cena is in a great form right now so I think John Cena will beat Randy Orton!!

Who is a better wrestler John Cena or Randy Orton?

randy orton is better john cena is also good but randy is better