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He generally throws them out to the crowd

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Q: Did john cena give anyone his sweatbands on January 25 2010?
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Who was the winner in the Royal Rumble 2010?

Edge defeated John Cena to win the Royal Rumble on January 31, 2010.

Does John cena have a baby with anyone?

no john cena has never had a baby wit anyone

Is wade barret stronger than john cena?

(2010) nop wade barret is not stronger than john cena you see john cena can stand tall to tall with anyone in wwe but wade barret can not do that he is just hiding behind 7 more guys like a chicken barret ain't no strong john cena is!

How do John Cena be murdered?

What? John Cena has not been murdered, and has never murdered anyone.

Who won WWE championship 2010 cena or batista?

its john cena baby

When did AD Sagrada Cena end?

AD Sagrada Cena ended in 2010.

How can John Cena back to WWE?

John cena is back when he will be rehired by barett if cena defeats him in TLC 2010

Is cena married to anyone in the WWE?

No but he is married

When will cena return?

By the end of 2010.

Is cena's career over 2010?


Has john cena dated anyone in the WWE?

John Cena had a relationship with Diva Mickie James

Who are john cena's rivals?

john cena's rivals (as of 2010) are the former NXT rookies.