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Yes, for 3 months in 2008.

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Did Kathy sabine ever date john elway?

yes, they share a son together.

How old is Kathy sabines son with john elway?

Kathy Sabine never dated John Elway. They do not have a son together.

When was John elway drafted?

john elway was drafted in 1983

Who is better Joe Montana or John Elway?

John Elway!!

Who we're the top three Bronco's Quarterbacks of all time?

John Elway, John Elway, and you guessed it, John Elway.

How many kids does John elway have?

John Elway has four children.

When was John Elway born?

John Elway was born on June 28, 1960.

Has John Elway remarried?

Yes. John and Paige Elway have recently married.

Who is a better quarterback Brett Favre or john elway?

John elway the best of all time

When did john Elway used to play football?

John Elway started playing in the year of 1998 :)(:

What year did John Elway retire?

John Elway announced his retirement on May 2, 1999.

What is a john elway silver coin worth I have the certificate of authenticy?

what is the worth of a john elway coin

What is valve of a 1999 john elway mvp card?

what is the value of my john elway MVP card

Who is better john elway or Brett Favre?

since john elway beat brett farve in super bowl 32 with a score of 31 to 24 I say john elway is better

What is the value of a John Elway rookie card in mint condition?

The value of John Elway card proline

Was John Elway ever a Cleveland Brown?

No, he was not. John Elway played his entire career for the Denver Broncos.

When was Sabine John born?

Sabine John was born on 1957-10-16.

Is John Elway dead?


Is John Elway on cocaine?


How many years did John Elway play for the Broncos?

how many years did it take john elway to get to the super bowl?

What number did John Elway wear?

John Elway wore the number seven on his jersey throughout his entire career.

How old was John Elway when he retired?

John Elway was 38 years old when he announced his retirement from pro football.

How old was john elway when he retired for the bronces?

John Elway retired after Super Bowl XXXIII at the age of 38.

How much is the john elway card worth?

A John Elway card is worth 300 dollars if in perfect conditon

Did John Elway ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. John Elway played his entire career for the Denver Broncos.