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No, Dmitri Mendeleev in Russia developed the first periodic table.

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Q: Did john period make the periodic table?
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How many elements make up period 6 in the periodic table?

There are 32 elements in the 6th period of the periodic table.

How many elements make up period 3 in the periodic table?

Eight elements make up period 3 in the periodic table.These have three energy levels.

What is the definition of a period in the periodic table?

A period on the periodic table is a horizontal row. The atoms in this row show a trend in their width, and in the amount of work needed to make them an ion, among the few other similarities.

What Words Can You Make From The Periodic Table?

the periodic table period he able tab rice dice cat her here there core their plate date bed red thee or a I

When did Dmitri Mendeleev make the periodic table?

Mendeleev was the first to make a periodic table and it was published in 1869

What is the contribution of John Newlands in periodic table of elements?

John Newlands was actually the first person to make a periodic table. He devised a periodic table arranged according to elements' atomic weights. He also arranged the elements into seven different groups. Newlands compared these groups to octaves in music.

Is Butane in group 2 of the Periodic Table?

The periodic table lists the elements and not compounds. Butane, C4H10, is an organic molecule / compound and hence is not present on the periodic table. The elements that make up butane (carbon and hydrogen) are present on the periodic table. Carbon: group 14, period 2 Hydrogen: group 1, period 1 Besides, group 2 elements are alkaline earth metals.

What is the periodic table and how the element on the periodic table arranged?

The periodic table is an easy way to keep track of the atoms that make up everything. The periodic table is arranged by their simularities and in their properties.

What evidence did Mendeleev use to make the periodic table?

He used the atomic mass of the elements to make the periodic table.

What type of metals make up most of the periodic table?

Transition elements form most of the period table. They are present in group 3-12.

Do gases make up most of the periodic table?

no - gases are few in number - metals make up most of the periodic table

How many periods make up the periodic table?

there are 7 periods and 18 groups that make up the periodic table.. =) Asma.

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