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Q: Did joy in House Of Anubis get kid napped?
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How many children get away from being kid napped?

60% of kids kid napped do not get home

Who is that man that keeps following patricia on the show house of Anubis?

Patricia is a very determined girl ! Patricia keeps having these visions of a mysterious man ! This man is in fact victor as a young boy , Before he took joy ! When Victor first started working at Anubis house , joy was victors brothers friends daughter and joy has figured out every single secret from the house from her father ! Victor took joys dad and kid napped him ! As joy was very upset , she threatened victor that is he did not free her dad that she would spread the secrets of Anubis house ! One night when joy was in her bed she heard loud screams from her father ! She ran down to victor and told him that she would leave the house for good ! The mysterious man is victor also victor growing up, he has some how escaped from the cellar and is following patricia and he is trying to tell patricia where joy is ! Why has joy been removed from the school photo you may ask , well victor wants no one to even know about joy any more inncase more people try to investigate where she is ! It might sound weird but that is what excactly happens :)

What happens to Alfie in house of anubis season 2 episode 26?

he turns into a little kid

Who leaves the house on the show house of anbis?

well on house of Anubis season 2 mick leaves the house to Australia was going to stay for Mara but Jerome tricked them both so he could have Mara for himself. Also on the house of Anubis a new kid from AMERICA takes Mick's place. i hope that was the answer you wanted, bye!

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