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Did lupe fiasco die?

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No....... he's making another album in late '08. And "The Die" was just a song about how gangster lives are lost meaninglessly.

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Who wrote and he gets the girl by lupe fiasco?

Lupe Fiasco wrote it.

Who is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco?

he is lupe fiasco! bastard Lupe Fiasco

What nicknames does Lupe Fiasco go by?

Lupe Fiasco goes by Lu.

When was Lupe Fiasco born?

Lupe Fiasco was born on February 16, 1982.

What race is Lupe Fiasco?

Lupe fiasco is half Muslim and African American

What is the origin of the word fiasco?

LUPE fiasco

Does lupe fiasco have kids?

No Lupe does not have children.

Who is better lupe fiasco or big shawn?


How old is Lupe Fiasco?

Lupe Fiasco (Wasalu Jaco) is 35 years old (birthdate: February 16, 1982).

Is lupe fiasco gay?

Yes Lupe Fiasco is a known fudge packer. He and Kid Cudi have intercourse of the homosexual kind.

How did lupe fiasco get his name?

Lupe Fiasco chose his own stage name when he was younger than 20. The 'Lupe" part is a nickname for his legal first name Wasalu.

Does lupe fiasco smoke?

No, Lupe is a Muslim and as such does not smoke or drink alcohol.

Is lupe fiasco in a gang?

No he isn't.

How tall is lupe fiasco?

he is 5'8"

Where is lupe fiasco from?

Chicago, Illinois

Who sings superstar?

Lupe Fiasco

Were does Lupe Fiasco Live?


What height is lupe fiasco?


Is lupe fiasco a virgin?


Does Lupe Fiasco worship the devil?


Where does lupe Fiasco live?


What year Did Aloe Blacc met Lupe Fiasco?

Aloe Blacc said When He graduated from USC, he met Lupe Fiasco in 2001

When was Out of My Head - Lupe Fiasco song - created?

Out of My Head - Lupe Fiasco song - was created on 2011-05-22.

What albums has Lupe Fiasco released?

Albums that Lupe Fiasco has released include Lasers, Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor, The Cool, as well as Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor II, all of which have been released.

Is Lupe Fiasco a Muslim?

Yes he is Muslim. Lupe Fiasco was raised Muslim on the West side of Chicago on Madison Terrace housing project.

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