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No he dated and married her daughter.

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Who did Michael Jackson date?

Tatum O'Neal Maureen McCormick Stephanie Mills Brooke Shields Lisa Marie Presley (Divorced) Debbie Rowe (Divorced)

Where did Elvis Presley met Persila Presley?

Elvis met Priscilla in Germany at his home that he was in the amry, 14 Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheim sometime in 1959. There's not an actual date that they met on.

Did Michael Jackson date Naomi Campbell?

No but she was crazy of him

Did Michael Jackson die on June 25 2009?

Yes, Thursday June 25, 2009 was the date Michael Jackson died.

Who sold more albums Stevie wonder or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson, he has sold over 1 billion albums to date.

What date did Michael Jackson have first child?

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Michael's oldest son was born on the 13th February 1997.

Did Michael Jackson ever date Diana Ross?

no Micheal Jackson dint date Diana ross they were just good pals not lovers

Who paying for Michael Jackson funnel?

Michael Jackson did Not have a funnel, he opted to take a tunnel instead. As of this date no on eis quite sure where the tunnel exits.

Did michael jackson date fans?

No he never dated any fans.

When is Michael Jackson born?

His date of birth was August 29, 1958.

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