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Did more soldiers from the Central Powers or the Allies die in World War 1?

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more allies died in ww1. i am not exactly sure why. there is a breakdown of casualties on wikipedia.

2008-01-15 17:41:27
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Q: Did more soldiers from the Central Powers or the Allies die in World War 1?
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How many more troops did the major allied powers lose than the major central powers?

The Allies suffered 6,657,950 more casualties than the Central Powers in World War I. Including killed, wounded, and missing. The Allies lost 22,062,427 soldiers while the Central Powers lost 15,404,477 soldiers.

What were the 2 powers of world war 1?

the allies and central powers.

Map of World War 1 Allies and Central Powers?

A map of allies and central powers can be found, by clicking on the related link, which is provided below.

Countries of World War I?

there are actually Quite a lot of countries involved in ww1 Great britain (Allies America (Allies, joined in april, 1917) Germany (Central powers) France (Allies) Russia (Allies, left in February 1917 due to Russian Revolution) Turkey (Central powers) Italy (Allies) Romania (Allies) Serbia (Allies Greece (Allies) Austria-Hungary (Central powers) Bosnia (Central powers) Bulgaria (Central powers) British Empire (Allies) Belgium (Allies) Portugal (Allies) hope this helps you :-)

Who lost World War I?

The Central Powers lost to the Allies.

Who was the winner of World War I?

The allies defeated the central powers

Who defeated the central powers in world war 1?

the allies

What were turkey's allies and enemies during world war 1?

Enemies: All of the Allied Powers Allies: All of Central Powers

The central powers were defeated in world war 1?

yes,by the Allies

Did the Central Powers or the Allied Powers win World War 1?

The allies won the war

Definition of Central Powers?

Central Powers refers to Germany and its allies (Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire) in World War I.

Who were Germany's allies during World War 1?

Germany's allies in the "Central Powers" were:Austria-HungaryOttoman Empire (joined the Central Powers in 1914) (later on became known as Turkey)Bulgaria (joined the Central Powers in 1915)

Was Italy a member of the allies or the central powers?

In World War 1 Allied Powers, and in World War 2 Axis

Did Central powers get defeated in world war 1 true or false?

Yes, The ALlies powers won WWI against the Central powers and WWII against the Axis Powers.

What are names of two sides in world war 2?

The Central Powers and the Allies.

What were Germany and its allies called in world war 1?

Germany and it's allies were called the central powers where as US and Britain etc were the allied powers.

What were alliances in World War I?

The Central Powers (3) - Germany, Austria-Hungry, and TurkeyAllies (5) - Usa, Russia, France, Italy, BritianTHESE ARE THE CORRECT CENTRAL POWERS AND ALLIES [ even though you only asked for the allies]

Who were allies and axis of world war 1and world war2?

IN WWI it was the allies against the central powers. Allies were Russia, Serbia, Italy, France, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Japan, and the U.S. Central powers were Germany, and Austrio-Hungary. IN WWII the allies were U.S., Soviet Union, and Britain. The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Who were main axis powers in World War I?

The Axis did not exist in World War 1. Germany and its allies were called the Central Powers.

Did the allies or the central powers win world war 1?

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

What alliance was defeated?

In World War I, the Allies fought the Central Powers. The Central Powers (Germany, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary) were defeated.

List the countries that were allies and the central powers?

In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire. The allies where The British empire, France, Russia and later the United states.

Who was the fight between in world war 1?

The Central powers and the Allies. Central powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. The Allies were Britain, France, The United States, Japan,etc.

Who were the central European powers in world war 1?

Germany,Austria,Hungry and the allies .

What were the German and its allies called in world war 1?

the central powers or the triple allience