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The Native Americans did not celebrate Christmas or Halloween. The early colonists did not celebrate Halloween either, and most did not celebrate Christmas.

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Q: Did native Americans celebrate Christmas and Halloween?
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How do natives celebrate Christmas?

They don't., given their not Christians. In the US, many Native Americans are Christians.

What kind of traditions did the native Americans celebrate?

They celebrated thanksgiving and christmas With lots of food.

How did Native Americans celebrate?

they danced

What celebrations do native americans have?

native americans celebrate the deaths of people and when new babies come to the world, and celebrate to the gods and godesses

Did Native Americans celebrate birthdays?


Does Hawaii celabrate Christmas?

The state of Hawaii does celebrate Christmas. Native Hawaiians did not celebrate Christmas before Christianity was introduced by missionaries.

How do Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

They eat turkey.

Do Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

They eat turkey.

Do native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Only "White-Washed" Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Celebrating it would be celebrating the taking of their own land.

How did the pilgrims and the native Americans celebrate their first harvest?

The Americans celebrated their first harvest by having the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans.

Why does Brazil also celebrate Christmas?

Brazilians celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas because Christmas is a religious holiday and brings joy to the birth of the savior . Where as Kwanzaa is a holiday to celebrate heritage and native roots.

Were native Americans invited to celebrate thanksgiving and why?

No they were not. The native Americans went to trade and it was the polite thing for the pilgrims to say please stay.

Do proper Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

For proper Native americans that live like there ancestors did hundreds of years ago are mostly gone. People with a large amount of Native american ancestry might celebrate it or they might not.

Who were the two groups of people to celebrate thanksgiving?

The Pilgrims and the Native Americans

Do Native Americans celebrate the Fourth of July?

Of course they do. They are Americans,too. And besides, they helped fight off the British Royal Army/Navy as well as the colonist. It depends on what kind of Native Americans. Some arent American at all, there are Native Americans in Canada and Latin America. If they are American citizens they probably would celebrate the 4th. But if they live on reservations, they probably wont celebrate the 4th.

What was the name of the festival held by the Pilgrims and Native Americans to celebrate a successful crop?


What was the name of the festival held by the pilgrims and native Americans to celebrate successful crop?


What was the name of the festival held by the pilgrims and the native Americans to celebrate a successful crop?


Why do you even celebrate thanksgiving?

My religion (christianity) celebrate it to thank God for all he does. Most celebrate it for the day that Pilgrims and the Native Americans had a feast to signify their alliance.

Why did the pilgrims celebrate the first thanksgiving?

To show thanks to the native Americans for helping them survive the winter.

Why did the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

They celebrated for the harvest and celebrated for 3 days nonstop.

What Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the colonist?

The first Native Americans to celebrate thanksgiving with the colonists were the wampanoag tribe.

Do Salvadorians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Probably not. The first Thanksgiving took place in America, and it was a feast to celebrate the friendship between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.

What were Native Americans?

native americans were americans that were native

3 ways Native Americans helped the pilgrims celebrate thanksgiving?

they helped them gathe food and cook it