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Q: Did ned kelly exscape jail
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How many months was Ned Kelly in jail for?


Did Ned Kelly go to jail when he was 16?

Yes. He stole.

Why did ned kelly's mother go to jail?

she was sent to jail because the police thought that she and other family members were helping Ned.

Did Ned Kelly have to go to jail because he stole a horse?

Yes. In his early years Ned Kelly was convicted of horse stealing.

Why was ned kelly sent to jail in 1871?

because he did something bad

How many times did Ned Kelly go to jail?

four times

What did Ned Kelly do to deserve to get his first jail sentence?

assaulting a officer to his

Why did Ned Kelly go to jail?

Ned Kelly went to jail because he did alot of things that were illegal and were against the law. He also went to jail because he was a murderer and shot police officers, bank robberies and because he stole farm animals.

How long was Ned Kelly in jail?

Ned Kelly remained in jail from soon after the Glenrowan siege (late June 1880) until he was hanged on 11 November 1880. This was just a bit less than four and a half months.

Is Ned Kelly's real name Edward Ned Kelly?

Ned Kelly's proper name was "Edward Kelly".

What is Ned Kelly's characteristics?

NED KELLY WAS A bushranger

What bad things did ned Kelly do?

Ned Kelly was a murder he assaulted a man at 14 and went to jail! Ned Kelly also killed 3 police men and did 2 bank robberys and robbery of a rail way staiion AND shot someone at the age of 22

How old was Australia bushranger Ned Kelly when he was hanged at Melbourne's jail?

Ned Kelly was either 24 or 25 when he was hanged at Melbourne Gaol. There is a discrepancy of up to a year regarding his date of birth.

What was Ned Kelly's full name?

Edward Ned Kelly

How many children did ned kelly have?

Ned Kelly had no children.

What was Ned Kelly's real name?

Ned [Edward] Kelly.

What is the full name of ned kelly?

Edward "Ned" Kelly

How long did Ned Kelly go into jail?

in court in jail well go to the old Melbourne gaol and find out more a bout him and his gang

What was ned KELLY mothers name?

Ned Kelly's mother's name was Ellen Kelly

Who was Ned Kelly's bushranger brother?

Ned Kelly's brother Dan was in the Kelly gang.

Why did ned kelly get arrested?

Ned Kelly was a notorious Australian Bush ranger. It is believed that Ned Kelly his brothers and friends had killed three policemen. After a violent confrontation with police Kelly was arrested in 1880. He was sent to jail and tried for murders. He was later convicted for three counts of willful murders and was hanged in November, 1880.

How did Ned Kelly get his name?

His name was Edward Kelly, his nickname was Ned.

What were Ned Kelly's nicknames?

There are no records of any nicknames of Ned Kelly.

Why was Ned Kelly a hero?

Ned Kelly was not a hero. He was a bushranger and a murderer.

Was ned kelly caught?

Yes, Ned Kelly was caught, and hung.