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Nicodemus met Jonathan Frisby when they were in NIMH and Jonathan Frisby was a big help when the rats escaped from NIMH.


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nicodemus is a rat that is very intelligent and helps mrs frisby move her home.

Jonathan Frisby made the rats' escape possible. The rats could not have escaped without Jonathan Frisby.

At first, he tells her to "wrap Timothy up and do the best that you can" but then she tells him that her name is Mrs. Frisby, widow of Jonathan Frisby, and then he says, "Go to the rats. Remember these two names: Nicodemus and Justin. they shall move your house to the lee of the stone."

Nicodemus died at the end of miss frisby and the rats of nihm

Nicodemus tell Mrs Frisby the story of how he and the rest of the rats are so intelligent and of how he escaped from NIMH

No one tries to kill Nicodemus in Mrs.Frisby and the rats of NIMH. In the movie the secret of NIMH Jenner tries to kill Nicodemus.

The rats of nimh know Jonathan Frisby because they were held captive at nimh and were being experimented on

Nicodemus said Arthur was the chief engineer if they had such titles.

Nicodemus told her about how he knew Jonathon Frisby. But, Justin the guard rat told her that her husband died by putting sleeping powder in Dragon's food

No, he only dies in the movie. He is alive and well in the book.

Jonathan chewed through the wire to help them get through

No. The book says that Justin, Brutus, and eight other rats stayed behind. It never says that Nicodemus volunteered to stay behind. In addition, during the last few pages of the book Mrs. Frisby thinks about Nicodemus and the other rats and wonders how they are doing in Thorn Valley, definitively mentioning that he is there building a community, which she wouldn't have done if Nicodemus had stayed behind.

Mrs. Frisby is shown as resourceful and determined. The rat Nicodemus is resigned to his fate but profoundly well-intentioned about the future of his people.

Nicodemus informed Mrs. Frisby how her husband (Mr. Jonathan) had been captured as part of the Nimh organization, and how he died trying to help the rats who had escaped (putting sleeping powder into Dragon's bowl). This changed Mrs. Frisby's life because she was more knowledgeable about her husband's mysterious death. She was in tears when Nicodemus told her about this

The Intelligent Rats moved her house with long ropes and chain's. They learned how to use this stuff from Architectural Books.

Jenner wanted to continue using electricity, but Nicodemus didn't. Nicodemus won the argument and Jenner left with six followers. Later, in an attempt to steal an electric motor, Jenner and his followers were electrocuted and killed.

She is a widow of Mr. Jonathan Frisby who died because he attempted to put some sleeping powder into Dragon's food. She has 4 children that is Teresa, Chythina, Martian, and Timmothy. ( who has pneumonia. )

he'lived died..........becauseof--dragon(mr. fitzgibbon's cat)i asked for when you idiot i know how i read the book a while ago

Mrs. Frisby and the Rat's of NIMH, or The Secret of NIMH

The names of the mice in The Rats of Nimh are Mrs. Frisby, Mr. Ages, Jonathan, Teresa, Martin, Cynthia, and Timothy. I think the rest are other creatures...

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