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Q: Did peggy shippen have any pets?
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When did Peggy Shippen die?

Peggy Shippen died in 1804.

When did Benedict Arnold marry peggy shippen?

In 1779, he married Peggy Shippen.

Who were Peggy shippen's children?

If you are referring to Peggy Shippen from the book Finishing Becca by Ann Rinaldi, Peggy had one child and his name was Edward. He was the son of Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold {in the story - I'm not sure if that part of the story was fictional or not.}

How did peggy shippen die?

because she died

What were peggy shippen Arnold jobs?

i dk sorry

Who is Peggy Shippen Arnold?

Peggy Shippen-Arnold is Benedict Arnolds wife. Benedict was a traitor of his country. Peggy on the other hand helped him, as a spy. A book for more informoation is called, Finishing Becca by Ann Rinaldi.

Did Benedict arnolds wife die?

Yes both of his wives died. His first wife Margaret Mansfield died in 1775 and his second wife Peggy Shippen died 5 years after Benedict in 1806

Who was Benedict Arnold's wife?

Benedict Arnold was married twice to Margaret mansfield and peggy shippen. he married margart in the year 1767. he remarried in April 1779 to peggy shippen after mararet died in June 19, 1775.

What are the release dates for Mysteries at the Museum - 2010 Baseball Stalker Peggy Shippen and Moon Hoax 5-10?

Mysteries at the Museum - 2010 Baseball Stalker Peggy Shippen and Moon Hoax 5-10 was released on: USA: 13 March 2014

What was Margaret Peggy Shippen's famous quote?

If all of Britain were loyal like me, we could be one as a whole

Did Benedict Arnold have a wife?

Benedict Arnold was born in 1740 and died in 1801. He was married to Margaret Mansfield and then to Peggy Shippen.

Who did Benedict Arnold marry?

Benedict Arnold had two wives. The first one was Margaret Mansfield. She died in 1767 though. His second wife was Margaret "Peggy" Shippen. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Both woman had the name "Margaret". Wow....