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Yes some people survived concentration camps, but 6 million people died. The word Holocaust means death by fire in Greek. and some of the people died that way but most died of exhaustion because they were forced to run two miles each day

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Q: Did people survive concentration camps in world war 2?
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What are some names of the concentration camps in world war 2?

Dachau, Auswitz, Sobibor

How much food did the people in world war 2 eat?

In general, the world population was not as well nourished during WW II as they are now. Many people died of starvation, particularly those in concentration camps where they were deliberately starved. Food was rationed in many countries.

Where were the prisinors of war in world war 2?

On the Axis side many prisoners of war were sent to work camps, concentration camps, or stockades based on race, color, or religion. On the Allied side prisoners of war were ether sent to camps in the US. or in camps through out the British empire based on war the fighting was going on.

How did the people of world war 2 survive during the blitz?

By taking shelter and by being lucky.

How many people were killed and how was so many people able to be killed in WW I and WW II?

You need to understand that in both World War 1 and World War 2 there were millions of people killed. They died for many reasons. The armed forces on all sides were killed in battle, at sea, in accidents, and they died from disease or exposure to heat or cold. Millions of Jews, homosexuals, handicapped people, and other people were killed in concentration camps, in train cars, on death marches or by the Nazis shooting them. In World War 1 there was genocide of the Serbians. There were more civilian deaths than armed forces deaths because they were hit by stray bullets, bombs or as POWs in the brutal camps. They also died from disease, starvation, murder, accidents, drownings, ship sinkings, exposure to bad weather, plague sicknesses, and suicide. Please see the related links below for the death tolls of both wars. Thank you.

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Was there still concentration camps after world war 2?

Yes, some people survived concentration camps. They are known as Holocaust Survivors. Some are even alive today, such as Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and author of his memoir Night.

Were there more death camps than concentration camps in World War 2?

Concentration camps were death camps. The people that were scheduled to die were concentrated into areas for easier delivery to the death chambers.

Who set up concentration camps in World War 2?

I think it was mainly the Germans who used the concentration camps to kill jewish people and to keep people hostage.

Are there still concentration camps that people are tortured in today?

There are no concentration camps today. There are still many people in the world who are suffering for various reasons, and there are many refugees in refugee camps, but there are no concentration camps.

Where were the locations of European concentration camps of World War I?

In World War 1 (1914-18) there were no concentration camps. For the Nazi concentration camps, see the related question.

What happed to stop concentration camps in world war 2?

the people running the camps ran away or surrendered

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

Were there black people in concentration camps in World War 2?

i think so all Jewish people homosexuals gypsies and i think colored people were all put in concentration camps

Was slavery during world war 1 or world war 2?

By 1944 Nazi had 13 main concentration camps and over 500 satellite camps. The concentration camps were not just to murder people but also for free slave labor.

What were the concentration camp like for the Indians?

It was not indians that were in concentration camps. However during world war 2 the nazis under order of hitler took jewish people and captured them unwillingly into the concentration camps.

How were the people treated in Japanese concentration camps during World War 2?


After World War 2 began Jewish people were taken into custody where Hitler had troops and placed where?

In concentration camps (death camps).