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Q: Did president Roosevelt feel like giving money directly to the people would make them lazy and dependent on the government for all their needs?
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Did president roosevelt think giving money directly to the people would make them lazy?


Who runs the country after the president?

There is really no second in command under the president so far as administering government functions. The heads of all government department directly or indirectly report to the president.

What are known as Organizations that are directly accountable to the president and are responsible for performing government functions?

Line organizations.

Which president pursued an aggressive agenda of creating many new programs to directly assist those in need and an indirect economic recovery?

franklin d Roosevelt

Why did tafts dollar diplomacy and Wilson's actions in Mexico anger many Latin Americans?

President Taft's dollar diplomacy kept Latin America dependent on foreign investment and aid. President Wilson, however, directly interfered with Mexican affairs, intervening more than his predecessors.

Which of the two houses is elected?

In the US both houses of Congress are elected directly, as are all state offices. In fact, the US President and the Vice-President are the elected officials that are not directly elected.

Who was the president to create the CIA?

The CIA was formed in 1947, when Truman was in office, by the National Security Act of 1947. However, the predecessor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services, had been around since 1942, when Franklin Roosevelt was president. Roosevelt was rather more directly instrumental in the founding of the OSS than Truman was in the founding of the CIA.

What will lead directly to a government “shut down”?

when Congress and the President cannot agree on temporary funding

What is another name for directly proportional?


Which of the following describes a situation in which a president negotiates a deal directly between the executive branch and a foreign government?

an executive agreement

Did FDR's cooperative federalism feature the strategy of bypassing state and city governments and giving federal grants directly to community organizations?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal did sometimes bypass levels of government to distribute funds and implement policies. This was done in large part through grants.

What did Hoover think would result if financial assistance was given directly to people?

they would become lazy and dependent on that income