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Yes they did play Basketball

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Q: Did rich Victorians play with basketball?
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Did poor Victorians play with the same toys as the rich Victorians did?

No because, the poor barley had any toys to play with most of the time it was only the rich who could afford toys not the poor.

What would rich Victorians play at Christmas?


Was dominos for the rich or poor Victorians?

they were more for the rich but poor did still play with dominos

Did the Victorians have lot of money?

No the poor Victorians have no money but the rich one did have lots of money poor Victorians had to work and rich Victorians had poor one to work for them

How Healthy were the Victorians?

Rich Victorians were usually the healthiest. Poor victorians weren't healthy at all

How did Victorians clean?

rich victorians had a tub of water to wash in but poor victorians licked themselves

What was the difference and similarities between rich and poor Victorians?

rich poor have food don't have food can play have a job

Where did Victorians go on holidays?

Many Victorians took holidays at the English seaside. Rich Victorians toured Europe.

What did rich Victorians have?

Rich Victorians had all of the luxuries the 1890s could afford. They were noted for their fine clothing and excessively appointed houses.

Did rich Victorians work?


What did rich victorians play with?

They played with Dolls, Tea Set's soldiers and marbles.

What did the rich Victorians Do for a living?

The rich Victorians usually are well fed, clean and well clothed and they didn't need to work.

What did rich Victorians drink?

they drank wine

What did rich Victorians have in their home?

servants and a piano

What did the rich Victorians were?

they wore a thong lol

Did rich Victorians have medication?

Yes. Rich Victorians did have medication, some rich victorians had their own personal doctor/nurse/vet that depends if they had the money to buy their own personal doc/nurs/vet ecxactly. Most rich victorians would go to their local doctors or if they were too rich to go to a poor place.ect they would go to their desired location... And even smarter way was to call for a doctor although they did not have the latest Iphone 4S those days they would of just sent a messenger. Hope this was helpful to you :)

Where was basketball invented and did rich people play it or poor people?

its hard to day when exactly basketball was created, it was originally made by a peach salesman who used peaches and peach baskets to play.

What food did the rich Victorians eat?

The rich Victorians ate plenty of meat. The would eat meats such as venison, pheasant, pork, and chicken. They also ate vegetables such as turnip, and potatoes.

What did the rich Victorians have do in terms of behavior?

they pooed on floors

What kinds of foods did rich Victorians eat?


What year did rich yunkus and doug Collins play olympic basketball?

rich yunkus never played in the olympics. sorry. wish he had....he's my dad :)

What subjects did the rich victorians do at school?

Latin and its associated disciplines.

Did rich Victorians go to school?

no they were homeschooled by a governess or a governer

How did rich Victorians celebrate Christmas?

celebrated like normalbitchChristmas

Jobs for rich Victorians?

chimney sweeps light holders...