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Did savage arms produce 7mm-08 rifles?


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Yes. I have a Savage Model 110 7mm-08. I don't think they make it in this model anymore, but they do make 7mm-08 in other models.


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The Savage Arms Company is based in Westfield, Massachusetts. They also have a division located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 1894.

Currently they are in Westfield Mass. Before that they were in Chicopee Fall Mass. They were established in 1894.

Some of the later rifles and shotguns have been imported. Most appear to be made in the US.

Savage Arms was created in 1894.

The value of your Savage model 63 is between 30-70 dollars.These single shot .22cal rifles were made between 1970-1972.

Savage produced many .22 caliber rifles over the years. Specific information bout the rifle in question would help provide an answer.

The original savage model 10 rifles were made in 1958.These models were reintroduced by savage beginning in 2007.You could contact savage arms to inquire about more detailed history,they may be found on the web.

Springfield Arms was a trade name used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co beginning around 1920. After Stevens was pruchased by Savage Arms, that company continued making Springfield Arms rifles and shotguns until 1948.

I would contact Savage arms on there web site for info on your savage model 487T.

If we are talking about a lever action single shot ,22cal rifle,with a 18in barrel,and Martini style action?These savage/stevens model 89 rifles were made in 1976.

Savage made several different slide-action .22 rifles. There ARE additional markings, please post them and we can ID the gun for you.

yes...i have a savage model 110 fns in a 257 roberts.....great said on the box when i bought it that it was a special order rifle

May not have one- not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

This one on Guns America is $175. Check the picture to be sure yours is the same.

Anschultz wasn't able to import their rifles so savage arms did it for them and stamped their name on it. Like wen a classy lady marrys a dousche and does th - with their 2 names

These .22cal rifles were made by savage/stevens from 1936-1945.The value runs from 50-100 dollars,depending on condition.

With the serial number that you provided,your savage model 99 rifle was made by savage arms in 1901.These savage model 1899 rifles have a value of between 600-1,000 dollars based on the rifle having between 60%-80% original finish and a good bore.

Your Savage model 99E was made from 1960-1982 by Savage arms company.As to the exact year of production,you will have to contact Savage directly.

savage arms company was located in chicopee falls mass. from 1946-1960.

I cannot say how many were made,but I can say that they were only made from 1912-1916.So I would assume not to many.

These single shot .22 cal rifles were made from 1930-1947.Their value is not much,going for between 30-100 dollars.

You should ask the Savage company that question.

Your Savage model 46 was made by Savage Arms from 1969-1973.

The savage arms fox BSE series H dates from 1923-1942.

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