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Um no he wrote sonnets as well. I'm not sure if he wrote other stuff. Oh wait he wrote poems for people for valentines day to give to their significant other I think. But he wrote poems and plays as well as acting in his plays.

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Did Shakespeare write only 15 plays?

No. Shakespeare wrote over 38 plays. Some of them you may not have heard about, however.

William Shakespeare didn't write his plays?

Is this a question? William Shakespeare did write his plays.

Why did william shakespeare write all the plays he did?

It was his job, or one of his jobs. Shakespeare was paid to write plays.

What company did William Shakespeare join?

Shakespeare only would write poems and plays for his company the "Kings Men"

Did Shakespeare only write comedies?

Shakespeare wrote several types of plays. See the related question below.

Did Shakespeare only write the plays or did he also act?

He was an actor as well as a playwright.

Where did Shakespeare write his earliest plays?

what 5 types of play did shakespeare write

What genre did Shakespeare write?

Shakespeare wrote plays and poetry.

Did Shakespeare write a lot of poetry?

Shakespeare did write a lot of poetry, but he wrote more plays.

Did Shakespeare write novels?

No, Shakespeare wrote plays, sonnets and poems.

How many plays did shakespeare write a year?

Shakespeare wrote an average of 1.5 plays each year.

What years did william shakespeare write his plays in?

Shakespeare started writing plays in about 1590 and stopped in about 1613.

Did Shakespeare write genre of plays?

No, Shakespeare wrote plays. Other people decided to sort them into genres.

Did shakespeare write any plays in 1613?


Who write plays?

playmakers, like Shakespeare

What did shakespeare use to write his plays?

a quill

What did shakespeare write his plays with?

A quill pen.

What mystery plays did Shakespeare write?


Why did Shakespeare write plays and poems?

It was his job.

What kind of people did William Shakespeare wrote for?

William Shakespeare wrote for contributers of his time, where there was money, Shakespeare went. His starting career was in shambles but aristocrats have paid him to write plays for them and such, but in retrospect, writers only write FOR themselves.

What are 2 theories that Shakespeare wrote?

Shakespeare did not write theories. He wrote plays.

What inspired Shakespeare to write play?

Shakespeare wrote plays because there was a paycheck in it for him.

Did shakespeare write any plays in the 1800s?

William Shakespeare died in 1616.

Where did Shakespeare write some of his plays?

Shakespeare wrote all of his plays in London. Where exactly in London is an open question.

Who write the plays Shakespeare?

Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare's plays. Other theories may be entertaining but have no evidence to support them.

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