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No, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 did not cause a tsunami.


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Yes. An earthquake of 8.0 caused the Samoan tsunami.

Yes, a small shift underwater is the cause of a tsunami.

Yes. The Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 was caused by a major earthquake off the coast of Sumatra. Yes, it is possible for a earthquake with a rictor scale of 5 to cause one. Earthquakes over a certain Richter scale that happen under the sea will cause a Tsunami.

Yes, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake caused the tsunami.

Yes, they did. Tsunami usually follows closely after the earthquake, as it is the earthquakes release of evergy that causes the tsunami.

Yes, in 1755 The city of Lisbon, Portugal was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami.

yes they do because it causes a earthquake under the water and that's how tsunamis happen

Because it was a big tsunami Yes it was a big tsunami, but it was originally the earthquake that done the damage. Because of the 8.9/9.0 earthquake, the tsunami was created and destroyed Japan.

Yes. The earthquake result in vertical movement of the seafloor, which displaces massive volcumes of water, triggering the tsunami.

Yes. Chile was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami on May 22, 1960.

yes it was in 1906 in San Francisco it was a 9.2 earthquake

Yes. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco was a 7.8

Yes, they form after a giant earthquake in the ocean and cause lots of damage. One hit Japan a month or two ago

Yes. A fisherman reported that shortly after the quake, the sea receded and left his boat beached, and after that a series of ten foot waves began slamming into the harbor.

Yes. If there is an earthquake that might have triggered a tsunami warnings are issued for areas it might impact.

yes, but tsunami isn't a pronoun, so lowercase it.

It was created by an Earthquake. Sad, yes i know :(

Yes. A hurricane is a violent type of storm that forms over tropical ocean water. A tsunami is a large ocean wave or series of waves usually cause by an undersea earthquake or landslide.

Yes. The latest Japanese tsunami was mid March 2011 just after a huge earthquake.

Yes it is possible. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake caused a large tsunami.

Yes, the name "tsunami" originated in Japan. The latest Japanese tsunami hit just after a huge earthquake in mid March 2011.

Yes. In fact most tsunamis are caused by earthquakes.

Yes , it can as the earthquake starts the rock of the two or more plates will collide. If these rocks are in the ocean the jolt of the earthquake can send a serge of water up an create a massive wave, a tsunami.

Yes, they are one cause of tsunami. Earthquakes are actually one of the most common causes. Tsunami can be caused by undersea earthquakes or earthquakes near a coastal area that displace the surface of the sea floor, raising the water abruptly and generating the gigantic waves.See related question below for more detail.

yes, even on a lake there may be a tsunami wave

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