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Did the Catholic Church support Hitler?

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At the start of the war, the Catholic Church did support Hitler. As they opposed Communism because it advocated athiesm, they supported the right wing radical party. Hitler also signed a Concordant with the Catholic Church saying that their rights would be respected and that he would not interfere, as long as the Catholic Church did not speak out politically. A few years later he begun to attack the Catholic Church, and obviously they did not support him then.

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Q: Did the Catholic Church support Hitler?
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Why did the Catholic Church support Hitler and left priests who opposed him to die or be murdered in concentration camps?

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church never supported Hitler.

How does the Church justify its support of Adolf Hitler?

Neither the protestant churches or the Catholic Church supported Hitler. The Catholic Pope was criticized during the war and after the war for not coming out openly or strongly against Hitler & Mussolini.

Why do Catholics pretend that the Catholic Church especially at the highest level didn't support Hitler?

.Catholic AnswerCatholics do not "pretend" that the Church didn't support Hitler, they know that the Church didn't support Hitler. All of the proof is that Pope Pius XII did everything in his power to support and protect the Jews, Catholics, gypsies, and everybody else that Hitler was trying to exterminate. He ordered the Bishops to do everything possible, he opened convents and monasteries to hide people. The top Rabbi in the synagogue in Rome was so overwhelmed by the love and support that the Holy Father that he converted to the Catholic Church. The leaders in Israel all issued statements thanking the Holy Father and the Catholic Church for all that it had done. The only people who believe that the Catholic Church supported Hitler are the know-nothings in the present day press corps that are willing to repeat any vile unsubstantiated rumor against the Catholic Church, and the people who listen to them. Look at history, not the local entertainment news.

Did the Catholic Church support Stalin?

The Catholic church did not support Stalin. He was an autocrat and a Communist, opposing all religious establishments.

What religion do they practice in germany?

I know that they were united with the Catholic Church. Read on Hitler and also the history of the Catholic Church.

Was Hitler a practicing Catholic?

No. He was baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church, but once he became an adult he fell away from the Church.

Was Adolph Hitler baptised?

Yes. Adolf Hitler was baptised in the Roman Catholic church.

Did the Catholic Church support the Fascists?

The Catholic Church has never supported the Fascists, Nazis or Communists. The Church tends to support democratic forms of government today.

Did Charlemagne have support from the Catholic Church?

He evidently had the support of the Church as he was crowned emperor by the pope.

How is the Catholic Church connected to Hitler?

There is no connection with the exception that Hitler was a baptized Catholic but abandoned his faith as he had little use for any religion.

Did any other religiousgroups help Hitler?

catholic church

If Hitler was Jewish did he convert to another religion or did he become an atheist?

Hitler was raised a catholic and remained a member of the Catholic church until his death.

Did Adolf Hitler support the Catholic Church?

No, Adolf Hitler did not support the Catholic Church; he did, however, tolerate it. A bit of history will clear this notion. The Church was, to Hitler, a daunting enemy with which he sought to deal as it would interfere with his plans for the 1000 year Reich. He plotted to kidnap the Pope and the Curia (Kirchenkampf)- however, his plans were thwarted as many generals, including Von Wolf, thought that would cause the "catholic troops" to revolt. Much has been written about this subject and I would suggest you look at the links below for a more thorough study of the subject.

Was Hitler the head of the Lutheran church?

Hitler was not a Lutheran. He was a Catholic, although in name only. He had many Lutheran and Roman Catholic priests and laity killed.

What religon was Adolf Hitler?

He was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church.

How did the Catholic Church punish priests and bishops who helped Hitler?

They were excommunicated

What religieon was Adolph Hitler?

Hitler was brought up as a Roman Catholic, but he did not really have much use for religion or the church.

Who else besides Hitler wanted to take over the world?

The Catholic Church

How did Adolf Hitler become absolute ruler of Germany?

He had help from a former ruler of Germany, (I don't remember his name) who then got him support from the Catholic Church. Once he was in power, Hitler diminished Parliament, so that he had all the power.

Does the pope support divorce?

No, the Catholic Church does not recognize divorce and the pope is the leader of the Church.

Does the Roman Catholic Church support gay practices?

No, the Catholic church supports homosexuals but not homosexual practices which they consider inherently sinful.

Why kill Jesus then support his killers in the Roman Catholic Church and pope?

It was the Roman authorities that killed Jesus, not the Roman Catholic Church.

Why did the catholic church and its leaders and priests leand so much support to Hitler and his extermination of the Jews?

Because sometimes religious people can be crazy and mean. By the way, I'm an atheist.

Who will support the former pope?

The Vatican, and the Catholic Church will support the Papal Emeritus for the remainder of his life.

Do some governments in Latin America officially support a particular church?

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church.