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No, they worshiped their own gods/goddesses.

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Q: Did the Celts worship ancient greek gods of wisdom?
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Why did the ancient Greek build temple like the Parthenon?

To worship there gods and godesses. the Partheon was built to worship Athena, goddess of wisdom

Who used ancient masks?

Egyptians and Celts Greek's.

Who was the Ancient Greek god of wisdom?

Athena was the goddess of wisdom in ancient Greece.

Why do ancient Greek society worship the Greek Goddess Hestia?


What is an effect of the house of wisdom?

Ancient Greek knowledge was preserved

What is a explantion of how sisyphus worship?

Sisyphus was not worshipped; he was not a ancient Greek god.

When did the worship of the ancient Greek gods die out?

About 1030 this morning actually.

Who is the goddess of widson?

The ancient Greek goddess of wisdom was Athena, as well as Metis.

Who was the roman goddess for wisdom and crafts?

Athene, also known as Minerva by the Romans, was the ancient Greek Goddess of wisdom, crafts,

What was the ancient Greek god Ares in charge of?

Ares was the ancient Greek god of war. Athena on the other hand, was the goddess of wisdom and war strategy.

What was the city like in ancient Greek?

Most of the people there worship gods daily Most of the people there worship gods daily

What does the ancient Greek word philosophy mean?

It means love of wisdom. Philo(s)- = a friend of, a lover of sophy -> sophia = wisdom