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The allied power spent 125,690,477,000.

where as the central spent only60,643,160,000.

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Compare the Allied Powers and the Central Powers Which spent more money?

Most likely the allied powers did. Since they were gaining more and more countries. The Central Powers were a losing countries and men, so I guess that the Allies spent more than the Central Powers.

Why wasn't the US neutral in world war 1?

It was, up until 1917. the US was exporting more money to the Allied Powers than they did to the Central Powers.

Which side lost more money in World War 1?

the Allied Powers

Allied power of World War 1?

Cash money

What made President Wilson change from neutrality to war fact about it?

Unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany- sinking of the Lusitania Zimmerman Letter ignoring ultimatums sinking of U.S merchant ships The US had lent so much money to Allied Powers that if the Central Powers had won, the US would also be in severe debt.

When the war first broke out in Europe in 1914 president Wilson refused to trade with either side?

In fact, when war started in 1914, the USA traded with both the Allied and the Central Powers in order to make as much money as possible. As a result of German submarines sinking civilian ships, the USA favored the Allied nations winning the war.

What statement describes an effect of the Treaty of Versailles?

Germany was forced to give up its military and pay huge amounts of money to the Allied powers

Why did the peace treaty the central powers and the Russians anger the allies?

If the Soviets continued to fight the Central Powers, it would mean the Allies would spend less money and lose fewer lives. If you were in a fight, wouldn't you want to have someone helping you out?

What were the powers of the central government under the Articles of Confederation?

the central government powers were to declare war , make peace and enter into treaties as well as the power to maintain an army, also to borrow and coin money but not allowed to tax also make or enforce laws.

How did the US become a world power by entering World War 1?

the us entered ww1 with the central powers although most of the us prefered the allies. the reason for this was because the us had to make sure that payments from the central powers were met(they had owed money to the us) after us joined, the selective service act recruited many soilders by draft and created a strong army. the us eventually wins the war and most of its battles with the allies and is seen as a world power after successful imperialism

How did Britain and France emerge from World War 1 as both victors and loser?

They were victors because the defeated the Central Powers, but that victory didn't bring peace and partially destabilized the governments. Factor in the enormous costs in money and casualities and France and Britain lost out with World War I.

What problems did many nations face after World War 1?

Many European nations were devastated from the fighting and nearly a whole generation of people died in the war. Germany also faced hyperinflation since it had to print a lot of money to repay the Allied Powers for causing the war.

What are constitutional powers of congress?

Constitutional powers of Congress include legislative powers, the power to declare war, and the powers of the purse. The powers of the purse include borrowing money on the credit of the U.S, authorizing the printing of money, and passing revenue bills.

What were the effects of World War 1 to US?

The US got a lot of money. The Allied Forces bought a lot of their war-time weapons and munitions.

Is printing money regulating trade declaring war are what powers?

delegated powers

What are the powers that the congress has?

coin money

How do you get mermaid powers and have money?

There are no such things as mermaids or mermaid powers, so you can't get them. If you want to get money, the best thing to do is find a job.

What powers are expressed powers of the congress?

The five expressed powers of Congress are to collect taxes, borrow money on the credit of the United States, regulate commerce, coin money, and lastly to declare war:)

What were Hamiltons beliefs?

Alexander Hamilton first of all believed in a strong central Government. He further did hold that the central Government should be empowered to fund and service the national debt and to raise federal taxes and import duties to get the money to do so. Another belief led to his famous "implied powers"-statement, in which he said that the Government - especially the US Congress - did not only have the powers and means explicitly stated in the Constitution, but also the means that these explicitly stated powers implied, in order to get the official powers properly executed.

What are Expressed powers and implied powers of congress?

The five expressed powers of Congress are to collect taxes, borrow money on the credit of the United States, regulate commerce, coin money, and lastly to declare war:)

What are examples of delegated powers?

print money

Which enumerated powers deal with money?


What powers were kept for the state governments?


Why is the supply of money in an economy not solely determined by central bank?

The supply of money IS controlled by the central bank. However, in some countries the politicians interfere with the Central Bank.

What are the 18 powers given to congress?

delegated powers(novanet) \ coin money and declare war.