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Did the Chinese invent the toothbrush?


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The Chinese did invent the toothbrush. They invented it in the 15th century.


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The Chinese are to credit for inventing the modern toothbrush in the late 1400s. In 1780, William Addis ofEngland popularized them

France was the first country to invent the toothbrush.

yes.kenneth anderson ivented a musical toothbrush in1789.he was 11 years old when he invented a musical toothbrush.

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The toothbrush was invented in China around the 15th century. H N Wadsworth was just the first person to patent toothbrush.

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the ancient Chinese created the first toothbrush in 1498. it had a bone or bamboo handle with holes in one end. boar bristles were tied into the holes.

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