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no, they cultivated it

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Q: Did the Chinese invent rice
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What food did the Chinese invent that people eat for snacks and dessert?

rice pancake with vegetables and fish

What foods did Italy invent?

itay is nown for it itallian foods dah. well some of these foods are pizza and pasta. and much much more. hope this helped it should of im part Italian !!!!!!!! actually Italy didn't invent pasta, it was the Chinese. But they did invent ice cream. And they did invent pizza. The part about the Chinese inventing pasta is false. It was not the Chinese that invented paste, they invented the RICE NOODLE. Pasta is made from wheat and grain NOT rice.

Did the Chinese invent the first ice cream?

the Chinese made a warm rice and milk dessert but the roman empire made a chilled milk creation with fruit toppings

Did the Chinese invent the toothbrush?

The Chinese did invent the toothbrush. They invented it in the 15th century.

What didn't the Chinese invent?

The Chinese did not invent space travel or the automobile. The Chinese did not invent pizza or chocolate chip cookies or ice cream.

Where did the Chinese ancient grow rice?

the ancient Chinese grew rice in rice fields.

Who was the first person to invent Chinese noodles?

the chinese

Did the Chinese invent porcelain?

Yes, the Chinese did invent porcelain. It was invented by a man named Tao-Yue.

Did china invent clocks?

Yes. Chinese did invent the clock

What does rice mean in Chinese?

its food to Chinese people. the word "rice" means nothing

The Chinese words for breakfast and dinner show how important rice is to the Chinese culture?


When did the Chinese invent the rudder?

The Chinese built the rudder in 1180

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