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Did the Eiffel tower ever have any sorts of accidents?


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Yes, the Eiffel Tower has had numerous accidents over the years. Sadly, many people go to the Eiffel Tower to just commit suicide.


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The Eiffel Tower has never collapsed.

No, the Eiffel Tower has never had to be reconstructed.

No. There is a very higher tower in Japan that is over 600' tall.

no he never did any work on the eifel tower

No, the Eiffel Tower has never caught fire. It's constructed of iron, so it would be difficult to burn in any event.

Eventually, all things crumble, but, barring some horrific tragedy, the Eiffel Tower should stand for decades, if not centuries, to come.

because it will go rustey they have to paint it ever 7 y

Yes, there have been many birthday celebrations held there.

Not in the foreseeable future, but everything comes to an end in the end.

No. The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) was built approx. 80 years after the Eiffel Tower, and the tallest building before the Sears Tower was the World Trade Center.

It hasnt. ^ l Who ever wrote this thinks he's a smart alek.

The Eiffel Tower was at one time the tallest structure in the world. This was while it was being built and it surpassed the height of the Washington Monument. It stands 1,063 feet tall and is the tallest structure in the city of Paris.

Only in movies like the great race. never in real life thankfully...

well we are not sure but gustave eiffel won the rights to keep it up for 20 years and ever since it has been a famous land mark.

It was the first-ever manmade structure taller than the Great Pyramid in Egypt. So yes.

The most famous monument in Paris is probably the Eiffel Tower since that is the coolest site that anyone has ever seen.

No, of course not. Many people lived by skydiving and also me by Tigress from Paris, France

Answer:The volcano on mars It is about 17 miles high(27 km) That is like 84 times taller than the eiffel tower.

A 'sketch' that was personally presented to a crewmate of the "S.S. United States" for good service by Dali as he was a regular passenger on the liner depicted the Statue of Liberty shaking hands with the Eiffel Tower. The sketch was stolen from the crewmate's desk as he stepped out briefly and has been missing ever since.

Highly doubt it. Although he was in in Paris until early 1888 (tower construction began in 1887), he spent his final years in the south of France. The tower was completed in 1890, the year he passed. I wonder if he ever saw it completed?

It is open every day; hours may differ depending on season, weather or security issues. It is suggested you call before visiting.

it cost far more than you can ever imagine. so just give up. it's good for you.

No it wasn't ,the highest tsunami ever recorded loomed to a height of 1,700 feet (520 meters)-almost twice as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

It is because of the shape of the structure. The base is much wider than the top allowing for stability. The structure was made behind the science of wind resistance and its also made of still iron. The tower sways 6-7 cm in the strongest winds. As long as it is properly maintained, there is no reason for it to ever fall. However, the Eiffel Tower is made of steel, and like any steel structure is subject to rust.

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